Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A little of this - a little of that


That's all I really can say these days. My life is a whirl wind. If someone would have told me two years ago I would be married, have four kids and be running my own business that is actually turning a profit the first year - I would have told you 'you're nuts.'

But that's exactly where I am.

Wonderland and Company has taken off like wild fire. After starting the business back in August with my Mom and opening our Etsy shop, a lot of things have happened.

  • We took on my Aunt as a 3rd business partner, making this a true family owned and operated business
  • We became vendors at First Monday Trade Days in Canton and received a permanent spot in one of the more prestigious buildings - Arbors II
  • We became the first Texas retailer and only online retailer of Plaster Paint by The Plaster Paint Company
  • I have opened up 4 more locations (other than Canton) where we are solely selling the paint and are currently scouting our 6th and 7th location

And all of this in the span of less than a year. It's crazy to even wrap my brain around it! And in the meantime, we are still buying and selling vintage and re-finishing furniture (using our Plaster Paint of course)! Add to that being a full time Mom and Wife and I'm feeling like patting myself on the back!

Plaster Paint wasn't our first idea when we decided to start this business - but boy do we love the product! With the chalk paint craze sweeping the nation, it's a great business to be in. Our product is just like some of the other brands out there you probably have heard of - but ours is a much cheaper option. It's also a Made in the USA product, water based, no VOCs and 100% Green. We offer over 25 colors in 4 different sizes.

And the best part is that we are one of the only online retailers for it, so no matter where you live we can get it to you through our Etsy Shop. I've also started a second blog that is solely dedicated to DIYs and projects using our paint and is business focused. I invite you to stop by THERE as we build our fan base and continue to grow our new business. And I would love to start working on some guest posts and doing giveaways - so if you have a blog and are interested, hit me up! I'm back in the blogging world and ready to hit the ground running again (I feel like all I do is run anymore).

It's hard to believe in July I will have been married a year! I have a SR in high school that will be graduating in June. And our Sophomore just went to her first Prom! My gosh, how time flies!

Life is good. And I am feeling so very blessed. I hope to keep up both my personal blog and business blog on a regular basis moving forward. Just from the time spent writing this - I feel like I'm back connected with the real world again! I hope all of you will come along with us for the ride!

It still seems so surreal that I quit my day job and started my own corporation! But I'm trying to savor and enjoy every minute of it! 


  1. Hey Amanda!

    Feel like we haven't spoken in what feels like forever !! But I am so glad things are working out for you !!! Looks like your having a great time doing it too!!

    Hope we can catch up sometime soon

    Love and hugs

    Claire @ Lemonm Paper designs
    Polkadot pretties

  2. You ARE having a great year!!! Love reading about all the wonderful things going on in your life...