Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, I'm in ♥

Happy Friday Elf House friends! Was it just me, or did this week kinda drag on and on? Maybe it was just me, but I know that I'm happy to see Friday and the weekend! No surprises here, we will be spending our weekend out of town at the ballpark. We have a tournament for our 11 year old. I'm hoping to fit in prom dress shopping with our oldest daughter between games, because if we don't get her a dress she may be wearing a potato sack to JR/SR prom (and I don't think she considers that a valid option).

Another great week full of fabulous posts. I was sitting with my Mom the other night and had Bloglovin pulled up because I was sharing a few of my favorite things with her and she exclaimed, "you follow ALL those blogs? How do you have time to read them all?" No clue, Mom. But I do. Reading everyone's blogs is a highlight of my week, so I just make the time. Are you like that?

So, on to a few of my favorites. Hope you find something you like and as always, keep your suggestions coming. I always go and check out anything you suggest to me!

  • Old Age, Wrinkles & The Earlybird Special: Are You Afraid of Aging? by Gala Darling. She is so magical. I've always said that as I get older I want to be the eccentric old lady that is always dressed to the nines and doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks about me. Isn't that a perk you earn with age? I want to be fabulous until the day I die. This article explores some of the myths and pre-conceptions we have about aging and how we can just embrace this fact of life.

  • I'm a crazy dog lady. I've never denied that. David is now accusing me of making him a crazy dog man. Which is why I died and laughed out loud when I saw this post over at Hello Giggles on a new Tumblr: texts from my dog. I don't do Tumblr, but I just may have to figure it out, solely to read more of this! If you're a dog person, this is a must see!

  • Sometimes Sweet has started a new series on her blog, which I'm smitten with. It's called Literate & Stylish: Women and the Books They Love. I get to meet new bloggers and get awesome book suggestions! Win/win in my book!

  • This Thought for Thursday linkup by The Library Faerie was probably my favorite this week. If you're not linking up, I invite you to join us each Thursday and share your thoughts. Anna talks about the camping bug and how we need nature - need as in it's something biologically engrained in us. It was truly thought provoking and well written and I loved it!

  • I'm currently really into blogs that are done by amazing writers who consistently put out thought provoking, sincere and honest content or really funny and witty posts that make me smile and giggle. These are the types of bloggers who truly inspire me. They don't necessarily use a lot of pictures or filler or fluff. They don't have to. From the first sentence you are pulled in and can't stop reading until the end. Three that I'm absolutely in awe of right now are Skye of Neathering our Fest, Ashley from The Shine Project and the absolutely hilarious Erin over at Living In Yellow.

Well, there you have it guys! Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend! And I'll see you back here on Monday!


  1. Holy cow! I'm so honored to be included in list of people you are in awe of! You are too sweet girl! :) I'm off to check out some of your links!

    Sometimes I also wonder how I find time to read all the blogs that I do - but I'm with you! It makes me happy and inspires me so I make time for it! (Hmm... I see a blog post forming there ;)) Happy Friday friend! xoxo

  2. Hope you had a beautiful weekend! Isn't blog-world fun/funny?! xoxo

  3. I'm so flattered you enjoyed my Thought for Thursday post so much and mentioned it here! :D Thank you thank you! I'm glad I could strike a note with someone else and that others itch for the great outdoors like I do! :D

  4. i love danielle's new feature! isnt it awesome

  5. yey, i love finding new blogs to read :) I know what you mean, my hubs is always saying are you STILL reading blogs...! haha. Men, they just don't understand!