Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Getting Married Monday

Okay, so it's not technically Monday. But who is keeping up, right? The fact that I'm just now getting my Monday post done on Tuesday afternoon should tell you everything you need to know about what kind of week I'm having so far! But enough of that, because I refuse to whimper and whine on here (okay, well maybe a little bit, but really, I'm done now).

So, the last couple of months I've been in this wedding planning bliss, showing you all my inspiration and perfect ideas for my big day. And honestly, everything has gone quite smoothly so far. Especially since we are now just 95 days out (holy hell that seems like such a short amount of time)! However, we all knew that a crisis would occur or that something would not go my way (you guys were just to sweet to say it and let me go on living in wedding wonderland).

And so, the first crisis has happened. And I must share. Because it's only fair if I'm going to document this wedding, I share the good, the bad and the ugly. And boy, was this one ugly.

If you recall (and if you don't, that's okay, I know you're busy thinking about other things besides my wedding) - I had the perfect bridesmaid dress picked out. It couldn't have gotten any more perfect. I mean, hello, it was from a collection called the Mad Hatter.

This is said dress:

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Gorgeous huh? I thought so. It's even the perfect color. I went ahead and ordered both the girls dresses and anxiously awaited their arrival so I could be in total awe when they paraded around the living room in it. It came. My 17 year old tried it on for a fashion show. And the second she walked into the room I cringed. And my gut reaction was, 'that's awful. there's no way you are going to wear that.'

It made my vivacious, beautiful teenager look like a little old lady on her way to play bridge or maybe Sunday night gospel. There was nothing flattering about it. And honestly, I hated it. Don't get me wrong, I have other dresses from this company and absolutely adore them. But the vision in my head did not match the reality in front of me. And I was crushed.

So, my trusty Maid of Honor and I scoured the Internet looking for a Plan B. This time I knew that before we ordered anything, I would have to see it on one of the ladies. Meaning, it would have to come from a store somewhere close to the middle of nowhere Texas where I live. Enter David's Bridal.

It didn't take long for both her and I to fall in love with our Plan B dress. It's from the Vera Wang line for David's Bridal and is stunning and I thought would be perfect.

Here is said dress:

Except, it was going to be in a beautiful midnight blue. I read the reviews - they were all fantastic. My oh so wonderful MOH was headed to Dallas for the weekend and volunteered to stop by a store on her trip and try on the dress and take some pictures. There is a 12 week lead time on these dresses so we were going to have to get serious.

Fast forward to Saturday. I'm sitting at the ball field. My MOH calls. 'Did you get my texts?' I had not (to busy screaming like a banshee at the baseball game). She tells me to check them and call her back. She has sent me 3 pictures of her in the Vera Wang.

They. Are. All. Awful.

I call her back. I ask her what she thinks. She's hesitant. I'm honest and blunt. 'I hate it,' I tell her. She emphatically agrees. It's a disaster as well.

So, we are now on to Plan C. This is Plan C. I'm going to David's Bridal and picking the color. The girls are going to pick any damn dress they want (well, within reason). And we are going to be done with this debacle once and for all.

Oh the joys of planning a wedding.

What disasters did you encounter while planning your big day?


  1. I'm glad that you found a solution that will benefit everyone! Our biggest problem was the location. The Boy drug his feet with delivering the deposit to my dream venue. I kid you not, the venue was secured by another couple the day before he showed up. I morphed into bridezilla for the rest of that afternoon BUT everything worked out. Everything will come together wonderfully, the trick is not pulling someone's hair out before then. ;)

  2. We shipped my dress to Hawaii in an effort to not mangle it on the flight over. We shipped it 10 days out, with a guaranteed delivery date-we took every precaution that we could think of because we knew it was risky. Unfortunately, at 5pm the night before the wedding there was still no dress. We (hubby, mom and MOH) were sitting in a bar trying not to panic when we called the house, as we did every day to see if it had arrived...sadly, no. We will never forget looking around the table at each other, wondering what to do, everyone sort of hoping I wouldn't melt down. Even though we tried to stay upbeat there was a sad silence in the car on the ride home, afterall.. it was past 5pm, it couldn't possibly come now. We began looking for stores with white sundress options where we could grab something in the morning. My heart was heavy because even though I didn't want a traditonal wedding... there was something very important about having THE dress. The last glimmer of hope was that it would arrive the next morning... but when we got home around 7pm as I sulked off to my cottage, my MOH came running out of the house screaming and jumping on me... it had arrived in the nick of time! Whew!

  3. My sister did a similar thing for her wedding. She picked out the color, and then we all got to pick out the dress/style we wanted. Worked out well. :)

    She used this: http://www.inweddingdress.com

  4. Oh no!! What a horror story. I'm sure whatever dress they pick out will be fabulous. The stresses of planning a wedding. How exciting that it is so soon though. Good luck!! Love the blog. xo

  5. The navy blue dress looks gorgeous on the model, its such a pity it didnt suit. I wish you all the best with your plans :)


  6. I like your Plan C as the same dress may look great on one attendant and not so great on another. As long as they're the same color and approximate length, "any damn dress" should look lovely (with added bonus that everyone looks great and feels more comfortable in their dresses).

    Don't worry too much about the planning - the worst surprises happen in the execution. I was at one wedding where the flowers were accidentally scheduled to arrive the NEXT week. Fortunately, the throwing bouquet was made from silk flowers and the bride carried that.

    For our wedding, the fun happened when my husband ruptured a disk in his back one week before the wedding. He was in California, I was in North Carolina, and we had to get him on the plane to Colorado without him lifting anything. That was a nifty feat of coordination with friends and family in all three places.

    Lessons learned: triple check all dates with your vendors, and no heavy lifting at least a month before the wedding.

  7. My sister did a similar thing too--she picked the fabric, got us all to choose from a few styles, and then just made us the dresses :P She even ended up having to make a maternity one (problem which we solved by adding a sash-yay!) and it was sorta fun to stuff our faces at her bachelorette party and have a dress fitting! And much easier all around.

  8. “Our wedding was beyond what I could have dreamed and was honestly the happiest day of my life.” - I love reading happy endings, and I wish this is the case for everyone. I saw your post about the 'big day', and I could understand why you say it's the happiest day of your life; you look like happiness personified. It was a lovely wedding, by the way. =)
    Libby Duppstadt @CacharelGrandBallroom.com