Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Wore - Engagement Pictures

So, I think this is officially my first 'What I Wore' post. I just had to share one of the outfits I chose for our engagement pictures that we had done on Sunday. The day was absolutely perfect and my photographer brought all my visions to life.

I wore this outfit for our Tea Party session, that was set out in a gorgeous field here in East Texas. I'm beyond anxious to get all the pictures back next week and share them. I know they are going to exceed my expectations and be beyond fabulous.

Let me preface this What I Wore post by saying that I feel beyond silly posing for pictures and David was my willing photographer and if we continue to do this, we will get better. I will never mention how silly I feel about doing these pictures again (just had to get that out of my system)!

Shoes: Payless

And he's absolutely going to kill me for this, but David looking so handsome for out photo shoot! 

Shirt, vest, jeans and shoes from JCPenny

A couple more random shots from our day that I snapped before pictures. I've decided to keep my camera on me and do a better job of taking pictures to document our life! And perhaps, I might just sneak in a few more What I Wore posts in the future (practice makes perfect, right).

Hopefully soon I will have a slew of engagement pictures to share with  you all!

Don't forget to meet me back here tomorrow for the Thought for Thursday linkup! 


  1. Love , it looks perfect ....

    your happiness shines through....

    Claire xox

  2. You look precious!! I love love love that dress. I just ordered my first Mod Cloth dress yesterday and I can't wait to get it!

    I'm excited to see the engagement pictures!!

  3. Oh my good golly! You look so freakin' adorable & I am loving the dress too! I was already dying to see the pictures but now it's even worse. Y'all are just too precious!

  4. Squee! I LOVE it! You look lovely and I'm really digging the props. Your man looks handsome. Just gorgeous all around!

  5. You are beautiful! I love it!

  6. ! Even just your quick snaps are awesome:) I'm betting the photos will turn out great!

  7. What a pretty dress! You look lovely.

  8. Fantastic shot of you in the chair! So excited for you both!!