Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I promise, I'm alive...

Well, my apologies from being so absent from my little part of the world. I've been super sick since Tuesday of last week. I haven't been sick like this for about 2 years. On Saturday it was so bad I finally broke down and had my Mom take me up to the clinic at the hospital, where I sat for over two hours waiting to see a Nurse Practitioner.

I had to get a shot, blood drawn and two antibiotics. My diagnosis was a stomach or colon infection. But as it normally goes with doctors, they can't be sure what exactly is wrong. I then stayed in bed up until this morning. I'm feeling somewhat better and I'm back at work, however, I'm far from feeling like my normal self.

It would have been great to stay home and in bed for so long if that meant me being able to accomplish something, anything via the computer. But I felt so bad I barely even opened my laptop and chose instead to sleep constantly. So, needless to say, I'm now far behind in about every aspect of my life.

I'm praying these antibiotics knock this infection out and I can be back to 100% very soon. Especially since my birthday is this weekend! I would hate to have to spend the big 32 sick!

So, I promise I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Just trying to nurse myself back to health and get back into a normal routine again!


  1. Praying you start to feel better quick. Mailing you your book for the book swap this week:)

  2. I hope that you start feeling better soon! Don't feel bad about sleeping, your body needs rest to fight off this nasty infection.

  3. awww :( really hope you start to feel a lot better soon..

    Sending love, hugs and well wishes your way