Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Green with Envy

Comparison is the thief of joy - Theodore Roosevelt

I could very possibly be alone in this, but I'm betting I'm not. I get jealous. Yep, it's true. I get jealous of a lot of things. Other peoples blogs and their success, Etsy shops that take off from the get go, my hairdresser who just got a new black corvette, fashion bloggers who put together the most fabulous outfits and pull it off.

Jealousy is a dangerous thing. Because it can plant a seed of doubt in our head that can grow like wildfire. We start asking questions like, “why can't I be that successful” or “why do we not have more money” or even “why can't we be that happy.” Then we start to doubt our own life, happiness, talents and worth. This in turns puts us in a very unproductive mind set and nothing gets accomplished.

I only write about it because I find myself here quite often. And I don't like this part of me. The reality is, the people we see on blogs and around town and on Facebook (with the status that something fabulous is always happening) only show us what they want us to see. And as bloggers, and people in general, don't we do the same thing? It's easy to omit that fight we had with our spouse last night or that our child is failing a class or that we have over extended ourselves financially to buy that really cool new toy. The truth is, we don't ever truly know the entirety of someones life. They might be fighting a harder battle than ourselves.

So, knowing all that and telling it to you, why do I still allow myself to get jealous? The answer is, I don't have a clue. But I do. There are times when I think the life I lead just isn't all that fabulous. That it's just an ordinary type of life and why can't I be out traveling the world or be a blogger with 500+ followers or quit my day job and support us with my crafty fares.

But in reality, I know I'm blessed beyond measure. I'm blessed in so many ways that other people aren't. Maybe, just maybe, I'm a source of envy for other people.

I guess the moral of the story is, be thankful for what you do have. Learn to embrace it, love it and never ever take it for granted. Take all the time spent being jealous and direct that to achieving one of your goals. And just be honest with yourself. I mean, would a new black corvette really make me any happier?? Okay, maybe a little, but the newness would soon wear off!


  1. Loved reading this! It's so true and I can totally relate! We tend to compare ourselves to other peoples accomplishments, but we never see what it took them to get there or, as you said, we never know the battles they are fighting behind there beautiful facade!
    You are wonderful in your own way! Stay true to yourself! Hugs xxx

  2. Well said, and well done for being so honest! I admit, I can be the exact same :( xoxo

  3. So true, thank you for being open and honest..

    Claire xox

  4. i am so with you on every single thing you said here! my life will never be fabulous or exciting but it is the life God gave me so I just have to love it! know that you are not alone in those feelings - just not everyone is open enough to say it in the internet! xoxo girl!

  5. Like I said in the feature I did on, I love your sweet honesty. It makes you (& your blog) something very special to me. Thank you for saying this & letting us know you are human.

    P.S. - I get a little jealous sometimes too. ;)

  6. Ah-ha... I always had a feeling I wasn't the only one, but it's always so refreshing to have someone else say it as a reminder that it's true. So many of us get down on ourselves when we really just need to stop, step back, and look at all the positive things we do have. Great post!

  7. So nice to have reminders that I'm not the only one that has these same feelings! Jealousy is seriously the worst. Thanks for your honesty in this post.

  8. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show some blog luv! def enjoyed this post!