Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday, I'm in ♥

Well, the good thing about being sick is lots of time to catch up on my blog reading and commenting. So, then of course, that makes it harder for me to narrow down some of my favorite things from this week. It was tough, but here we go, my favorite finds from the week.

  • The self-love project that Amy of A Is For Ampersand has going on for the month of February. She is declaring this is the month to start a revolution to stop hating our bodies and loving ourselves instead. She shared a very beautiful and honest post about the struggles she has conquered to get her to this point. You should really stop by and check out what she's doing.

  • This blogger map that you can sign up for over at Latte Love. Don't you sometimes wish there were other people in your area that you could meet up with and connect with? Put yourself on the map and see who might be in your area!

  • I know a lot of you have or are in the process of starting, or are dreaming about starting, your own business. You have to check out this article by Tara Gentile on the 8 must have online business elements. Even if you can't do them all, it gives you something to think about and some goals to set for yourself as you grow your blog or business.

  • Do you work a full time 8 to 5 zombie job like I do? I know some of you do. And if you're anything like me, you're always dreaming and wishing you could just be your own boss! Kam at Campfire Chic gives us 6 ways to to survive our day job! And it's bookmarked so I can read it and then re-read it!

  • I really enjoyed Lena's post blog me vs. real me. I had never given it a ton of thought, but she got me thinking! Am I really a different person on my blog versus in real life? I would like to say 'no', but I know there are some parts of me I leave off the blog. I am honest in who I am, but it's easy to sometimes leave out certain parts. So, thanks Lena for giving us some food for thought!

So, what have I missed this week that I should be reading? Any favorite posts or articles that really stood out to you this week?


  1. Did you know that Brooke at A New View 365 has designed "bloggin' in (state)" buttons. Goes great with the map thing, I think!!!

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing Lena's post. That's a great thing to keep in mind. I saw the Blogger Map earlier this week, I'll have to put myself on there.
    Have a great weekend :)

  3. New reader from over here:

    In love with this sweet blog.

    Love to you!