Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Statements of a Young Me

I was sorting through some old emails the other day. Ones between a friend of mine and me from back in '06. I was amazed at some of the things I said and thought! I have grown and changed so much over the last 5 years. Truly, I'm not even the same person (or even close to it), I was back then. I understand it's all a part of growing up and becoming the person we were meant to be. But, to look back on it now – versus the place I am in my life now – was actually quite comical! Thought I would share some of my grand realizations from then and how it compares to my life now. It's just a reminder that we never know where we are going to end up or what God has in store for us!

Then: “Honestly, at this point, I don't believe there is such thing as the 'one.' I think at some point we all settle. And I won't settle. My life is too amazing on it's own... so if a man is not going to enhance it or contribute to it, I certainly don't need it!!”
Now: Well, we all know I've found 'the one.' And I don't know how I ever lived life prior to him. He has enhanced and contributed to my life in more ways than I could ever list on this blog. He is exactly what I waited 31 years for and there is not a shred of doubt in me that he is my soul mate! There was no settling in this situation – there are days I wonder how I ever got so lucky to spend the rest of my life with him!

Then: “I kinda freak out at the thought of giving up my life, freedom, independence and privacy to make room for someone else. Is that totally crazy? “
Now: Ummm, yes young Amanda. That is totally crazy. Just because you choose to spend your life with someone, this does not mean you have to give anything up. I still have freedom and independence and everything else. I just have someone who makes my life that much better and I get to share it all with! Young Amanda would have died laughing at the thought of having 4 step-kids under her roof!

Then: “Do you think it's possible to have a mid-life crisis at the age of 27? I've actually considered moving home... now that is CRAZY!”
Now: I must be crazy. Because I did move home! And haven't regretted it one second. No, I did not have a mid-life crisis at 27... but I'm sure at the time, whatever it was I was going through was very real and relevant. I've learned to deal with life so much better – with less drama and complications. That's one good thing about growing up.

Then: “Not a whole lot else going on. Just work work work. That's the life of a career gal.”
Now: Corporate America is for the birds! When I got out of college all I could think about was being a full fledged career gal. And that ended up with me in the hospital and realizing what really matters in life. Now I have a job I enjoy – can leave it behind at 5 and concentrate on the important things like my family and friends and pursuing my dreams.

Then: “I'm a work-a-holic. That happens when you're a single, career girl. My career is front and center right now... and that's where I have placed it, so I can't complain.”
Now: Doubled over laughing.

Then: “I think Chucky Cheese would only prove to be a very good form of birth control for me. Kids aren't really my thing. I'm not good with them and sometimes tend to just not like them -- at all. They are like this strange sub-species that I know nothing about. Great for my friends.... don't know if it will happen for me.”
Now: 4 step-kids that I adore and hoping to add my very own to the bunch in the very near future ;) I wouldn't trade having the kids in my life for anything. It's stressful, maddening and frustrating – but so rewarding! And I do know A LOT about raising kids, believe it or not! It just has come very naturally to me.


  1. I love this idea!
    I recently found a journal I wrote when I was ten. what an experience to go back in time and witness the thinking of my ten year old self!
    you've inspired me to write about this,
    thank you.

  2. This is such a great post! I love it :)

    And it is especially true that you don't have to give up anything to have a family. In fact- you GAIN so much more, such a full life!