Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Thought For Thursday {Besties}

I sent this article to my best friend Angie the other day. It was called 'A Love Letter to My Bestie and How to Recognize a Bestie When You Have One.' You can find it over at Hello Giggles here. I know that Angie is my bestie. She has been for a very long time. We have a friendship and a bond that is unlike any I've ever had with anyone else. I blogged about our friendship a while back and you can visit why Angie is the absolute greatest here.

So, today I opened up my email to find a response to the Hello Giggles article I had sent. I cried and laughed and was moved beyond worlds. I'm going to share her kind words with you... she is the most talented, fabulous woman I know. And I hope she doesn't kick my butt for posting this (love you Ang)!

"Here is a love letter to MY bestie since you are feeling under the weather today and I don't have a blog to return the love.
In my life I have struggled with having friends as well. I was just too weird and nerdy growing up (I wasn't always this cool). I moved around too much to have those life long BFF's. Over the years, a few have made it and kept the bestie title so I have more than one bestie, it's true, but no one is like my BFF Amanda. Amanda and I have been best friends since somewhere between the time I ran out of gas and she picked me up because I was new in town and didn't know a soul and the time I faced the "burglar" who broke into her house. It turned out to be nothing but we faced down the unknown whatever-it-was that spooked her and my nephew Sullee. That's the other reason we are best friends. We not only understand but expect the total adoration of each others pups who are as equally important in life as other human beings. Here is a short list of why my bestie is tops!
  • My Bestie sneaks into my phone and makes BFF my screen saver, like I need the reminder! She brings wine for Sex In the City marathons (even though she kind of prefers beer) and I'm naturally expected at family Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. No invite is needed, I'm just part of the family.
  • My Bestie taught me to text, myspace, facebook and helped me stalk boys. Remember when we crashed the Hula Hut boat party and trench coat Derek showed up?
  • My Bestie blogs. I'm a faithful reader. I want her to keep writing. I want her to keep crafting. I want her to keep surprising me because it is beautiful to watch her change and grow. Only best friends really feel that way about other people accomplishments. My bestie and I will also talk trash about the bitches who do those things and we are not happy for. Circle of Life friends.
  • My Bestie and I watch/love/talk about the great dance movies like Dirty Dancing, Step Up 1-4, So You Think You Can Dance and more! It's these guilty pleasures that unite us in our girly giggly selves that we kind of missed out on in childhood when everyone else was having all the fun with their best friends. We totally watch Keeping up with the Kardashians and text about it, letting each other know that we miss each other but can still be close as ever even though we live 1,500 miles apart.
  • My Bestie only ridicules me a well deserved small amount when I'm scared at movied like The Village? which wasn't scary at all but I acted like a baby anyway. At movies she also gets extra butter on her popcorn. we eat like fatties together and love it.
  • My Bestie gets super excited about my new jobs and opportunities and supports me 100%. I know that Amanda is one of my biggest fans. She knows I'm hers. We can vent to each other, even if we know we are wrong or irrational. We listen to each other, support each other, let the crazy out on each other to keep from hurting those who just don't need to see the crazy side.
  • My Bestie and I have the same taste in girl crushes and we watch New Girl and laugh a lot. Out loud. Because we see ourselves in it. "Yo yo for reals."
  • My Bestie gave me candy that time I said "Gimme some candy" and we laughed until we almost peed our pants. My best friend and I sometimes laugh until we almost pee our pants!
  • My Bestie is my style hero. I love the way she dresses and she totally helps me branch out of my comfort zone. She might shop at Ross but she can spot a "Ross Special" at 30 paces. Also, we have many time bought the same sweater without knowing it. We are sometimes different and sometimes entirely the same in more ways than one.
  • Besties should politely pretend you’re not weirdly obsessed with Harry Potter and love you anyway. She is and I do.
  • “Oh my gosh, Charlotte is so you,” without even knowing that Charlotte is your absolute favorite. She’s also so happy when you say, “And you’re Samantha, you ho.” We totally did this... though I'm not sure if we are any of them now.
  • My Bestie and I can call each other any time, day or night, to cry over a break up, the loss of a job, wrongdoing of another pseudo BFF betrayal and we know that our bond is the best one around. We are always there for each other. We understand each other. No explanation necessary.
  • My Bestie Amanda really is a type of soul mate. We could be sisters, but if we were, we probably wouldn't like each other as much. It's an only child thing....
The list could go on and on... we have had so many fun times and many more to come. Our lives are growing and changing more and more each year and I look forward to looking back on these memories with more love and even more fondness as we are crazy old dog ladies! I love you! Have a great day!"

How could I not feel like the most special girl in the world after a letter like that? Who is your bestie? What is your story?

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Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~


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  2. This is awesome! My BFF and I met in college and, as I found out later, she didn't like me AT ALL at first. She was a hippie and I was so not. ;) We ended up living together our senior year, were in each other's weddings, are "sisters separated at birth," and talk weekly, even though we live a lot of miles apart. Love her!!!

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