Friday, October 7, 2011

:fill in the blank friday:

Linking up with the little things we do today!

1. Something popular that I can't stand/just don't "get" is  Miss Me jeans. This may be a Southern thing. But I don't get a bottom full of bedazzle for $100+ a pop!
2. Something unpopular that I secretly love is    Organizing. I find peace and solace in a highly organized life and a plan for everything. I like to say 'a structured home is a happy home'.

3. When I've had a bad day I   spend about an hour watching my reality tv shows on DVR to just take my mind off of things. The Kardashians and Real Housewives of New Jersey can fix anything!

4. I'd prefer a game of front yard homerun derby    to    a major league baseball game  any day.

5. Something that makes me nervous is    money management. I'm good at it - but it never fails, it still makes me nervous to be in charge of a budget for me and David and 4 kids! The thought of living paycheck to paycheck freaks me out!

6. Something worth fighting for is   my kiddos! Even though they are my step-kids, I don't see it that way. I'm a very protective mama bear and I'm willing to fight for them, no matter what the battle.

7. When people think of me, I hope they think "she is an amazing, supportive and loyal mother, wife, daughter and friend."


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