Monday, October 10, 2011

Teaching, Creating and Finding Inspiration Again

I've been feeling like I've lost a little inspiration lately. Maybe lost even a little piece of myself. Since David and the kiddos moved in, I put a lot of the things I enjoy and my hobbies on the back burner. Not because anyone asked me to, but because we have such a full life now with 6 people that there just never seems to be time to do those things. It never occurred to me that maybe some of the things I loved doing, the rest of the family would love too. I just assumed that the kids would think it was 'dorky' or 'stupid.' So, I've just put the baking and jewelry making and crafting up on a shelf.

However, this weekend I felt like actually doing again. I had a recipe I had pinned on Pinterest I wanted to try and really felt like getting out the jewelry supplies and being creative. We woke up early Sunday morning and I decided that I was going to do some baking first. To my surprise, our 10 y/o wanted to help! Was excited to help. And honestly, did the whole recipe by himself, with me instructing him. It was just as fulfilling as me doing it myself - being able to share that part of me with him. We made some very tasty 'fruity pebble treats.'

I then decided it was time to break out the jewelry supplies and brought them all to the dining room table to do some work. Amazingly, 3 of the 4 kids joined me. And started to ask questions. And started going through beads and looking at string. And all asked if they could make something! So we spent a couple of hours together at the table working together. It felt so fantastic to be teaching them and having them participate in something that I love so much. We ended up with two necklaces and 3 bracelets. And they all asked if we could make it a regular activity for our family. And if they could do handmade Christmas presents this year. And the 10 y/o wanted his own 'starter' jewelry kit for Christmas! My heart was so full it could have burst. They were loving it and having so much fun!

I had never considered sharing what I love with them. I didn't think they would appreciate it. How wrong I was! I learned an amazing lesson this weekend - to never underestimate my kiddos and I can still do what I love and more importantly, do it with those I love the most!

And gosh, I sure love this man. Who napped with the fur babies during jewelry making time.

Exciting things coming to the blog in the next couple of weeks. I'm getting a new, professionally designed blog by Ashley of After Nine to Five and I can't wait to unveil it to you! More on that to come!

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~


  1. Aww what a lovely post :) i am soooo glad that you are able to share your creative self, with them.....
    Having 4 kids is definitely a challenge and it is hard to find time to be creative and inspired... i know ;)
    Looking forward to seeing your new blog design...
    Hugs Claire x

  2. I'm so glad that you were able to have family fun time around something that makes YOU happy. Keep us posted on what everyone creates, I'd love to see! The picture of your mister with the smaller babies is really cute!!

  3. I love it! It's so fun when my husband helps me out or when I get a chance to have my nieces do something I love with me. I think more often than not we're willing to give up what we love doing so it's always a nice change to do it. Keep it up!