Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Love *Favorite Shows*

I can't get over Zooey Deschanel in New Girl!! It has to be my very favorite new show! Not only have I been a huge Zooey fan for a long time (like major girl crush) - the whole cast is outstanding! The characters are fun and endearing and it's just plain 'ol funny! I'm telling you, if you haven't watched it yet, it's a must. It comes on Fox on Tuesdays. If this show gets cancelled, I may actually have to be one of these crazy fans who writes letters to the network! Yep, I am that in love with this show!

Another show that I absolutely adore (and relate to on so many levels) is Modern Family. I'm loving the new season. I've got David hooked on it now and we watch it together every week. It is one of those shows that actually makes me 'laugh out loud.' I see my family in so many of the characters and situations! At least twice a show David and I look at one another and nod our head and smile... because it's all too familiar to us!

It comes on Wednesday on ABC. If you don't listen to anything else I say, give this one a little peek. I think it will brighten up your middle of the week!

What shows are you loving? Any new ones out there that we should be checking out??

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  1. More proof of our sisterhood. I usually hate the pilot episode of any show BUT i snorted so much during New Girl! I think that Zooey (we're on a first name basis) is a brilliant actress. She has great comedic timing and the guys on the show are perfect!

  2. Hey, thanks for the visit! I'm your newest follower now too.

  3. I haven't watched Modern Family, but New Girl? ABSOLUTELY my favorite new show this season. SO funny!