Monday, September 26, 2011

Life and Love in Louisiana

We had a fabulous weekend in Bossier City! Got to spend some amazing 'couple' time together, eat great food, shop and hang out with some friends! It was so nice to be able to get all dolled up and flirt with my honey all night long! We held hands and gazed at the views and stood embracing for extended amounts of time... you know, all that cheesy, romantic stuff! The stuff you NEVER get to do with four kiddos at home!

The casino we stayed at was something straight out of the 70's and reminded me a little bit like I was in Scarface... I mean, check out the tub that was in the room! And don't look past that mirrored wall! The parrot wallpaper was a nice touch as well!

The Louisiana Boardwalk was a lot of fun with shopping and a view of the river. We ate a ton of super good food (I'm really a fat kid at heart)! We got some good deals shopping too - like David a new leather jacket for $55 (originally $170)! They had an amazing Bass Pro Shop - I was impressed and I'm not even an 'outdoorsy' type of girl! The alligators out front were pretty darn cool too!

We tried our hand at gambling. I'm not a huge gambler but do love the penny slots! We blew about $60 and decided to give it up and spend the rest of our money on more important things (like more good food)! Our friend Kris won $200 on the penny slots! I was so jealous!

It was such a relaxing and fun weekend away. And we didn't even have to go far. Just an hour and a half! It was well deserved and now we can't wait to plan our next mini trip!

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~

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