Wednesday, May 4, 2011

{{Tattoo}} Inspiration

So, I'm 31. I have no tattoos. Not because I don't admire them or think they are pieces of art or a myriad other number of reasons... I just never had the guts to get one (not even on my drunkest night in college). I also just never knew what I wanted. And I didn't want to go out on a whim and get something that I would one day later regret. However, at the ripe 'ol age of 31 I've now decided this is the year. I have my heart set on two different things that I want and I figure at this point, if I one day decide I hate it, well, to hell with it. We only live once! So, I'm giving a little tattoo inspirational treasury today. I'll let you decide what it is I have my heart set on to permanently put on my body!

Ideas anyone??

Lots of Love...
~Manda Jane~


  1. That's exciting. Can't wait to see your journey.

  2. Amanda, I just got my first tattoo this weekend and I'm 35. I got the word "Believe" on my wrist and it has 5 little stars around it. It's beautiful. One of my bucket list items. My parents don't know yet...don't know what they'll think. FYI the middle of the wrist hurts but the sides not so much. Nothing that I couldn't take...just gritted my teeth, let out a few choice words, and closed my eyes. And I didn't have one drop of alcohol before I did it :) If you see a tatt on someone that you like, ask where they got it done. don't just get it done anywhere.

  3. yay! i know a lot of my friend's moms who got their first tattoos in their 50s... i think it's rad. you should have some ideas of what you want but in the end, let the artist draw it up for you rather than picking from flash so it's unique. generally the bonier parts of your body will hurt more. you can always get it in a place no one else can see or that you can cover up easily... my own tattoos are pretty visible but i actually always forget that i have them too, they just become a part of you. warning though: tattoos are totally addictive!!

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  5. Thanks for all the encouragment and advice guys! I do want to get my piece designed. I want something original... not something everyone else may have! And I want to find a really good shop to do it... where I know the work will be immaculate and I will be well taken care of! So, those are the next 'to do's' on my list! I can't wait to start working on it and be able to share with everyone!