Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Romper - My biggest fear of the month...

So, rompers are big right now. I'm seeing them everywhere. Wikipedia tells me that a romper is "Somewhat similar to a coverall, it is loose fitting and usually has shorter legs that may be gathered at the end. Puffed pants are particularly associated with rompers. Rompers usually are meant as a combination of shorts and a shirt, though the term can include jumpers, one-piece bathing suits, and club wear fashions to name a few." So, there you have it - if you've been living under a rock, you now know what a romper is. 

Apparently rompers appeared in America in the 1900's and were originally popular as play wear for children. However, the romper is not for kids anymore! And let me tell you, I have a love and a fear of this fashion statement. I've seen them every time I go shopping. I see them online. I see them in blog posts. And I think they are soooo super cute and stylish. But I'm afraid to just take the plunge, buy one and rock it out! My obsessive/impulsive mind takes over with thoughts of 'do I have what it takes to pull it off' or 'will people look at me like I've lost my mind' or perhaps 'what if I just look silly.' But I want to soooo bad! I guess I'm just going to have to do it. Purchase now and think later. If I don't face my fear soon - the romper craze will be over and all I'll be left with are feelings of regret and 'what if.' Okay, that's perhaps a little dramatic - but still, I'm a pretty confident, independent, free thinking woman! What's my romper hold up?

So, in an effort to continue to motivate/encourage/talk myself into the romper... I'm going to share some really cute ones I've found.

So, friends, what is you opinion on the romper? Is it a do or a don't? Should I just throw insecurities to the wind and go for it - or let this fad just pass on by??

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~


  1. Ooh cute rompers I like the Modcloth ones myself, hope your. I hope your repurposed chalkboard project is going well?

  2. If I had great legs, I would wear those rompers. I think they are cute. I love the strapless Modcloth one.

  3. Kelly - it is going well, if I could just find more time in my life to get everything done!

    Fanny - I know for a fact you could pull off the romper and look fabulous doing it!!!

  4. i think the modcloth 2 & 4 from the left are the cutteest. i think if you do a romper you should go all out for short & sweet or some kind of themey look, like a sailor. the ones from bloomingdales & f21 are alright but the only one i really like is the 3rd one that's blue from bloomingdales... i dunno. i have a one piece pantsuit/romper that is a deep red and it def takes some courage to wear it but every time i do people are kind of in amazement (not to gloat, really, i have a huge beer belly!). just rock it! you can always cover up a little with a blazer or cardigan!

  5. totally agree on going for a theme! I love it! i hate that i live in a very small town in East Texas where most people don't have an open mind and fashion is about 2 years behind the 'real world.' But, I've always marched to the beat of my own drum - so I don't see why my romper wearing should be any different!