Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Fabulous Friday...

So - some things I love, have found, want to share or just simply want for myself for the first week in May!! Can you believe it's may already??

"The ever-popular Snoopy Sno Cone Maker is back! First introduced in America in 1979, Snoopy Sno Cone Maker was a unique product that gave families the ability to transform simple ice cubes into delicious and colorful icy snacks, bringing the yummy taste of real sno cones into their very own kitchens!"

Or so they say... All I can remember about this little guy is that my cousin Stephanie had one and I didn't! Mind you, I am an only child and used to being given pretty much everything I wanted. The fact that I never got this growing up has scarred me, just a little bit! I'm glad to see it's resurgence - and maybe, just maybe, I'll finally get one for myself!

Snoopy Sno-cone Machine by Fundex: Product Image
Found at Barnes & Noble

My dear friend Katie-Roo found this little gem for me. If you haven't noticed yet, I'm kinda into the nautical theme. I've always been a love of anchors due to my sorority background, but here of late I just can't get enough of blue and white and stripes! So, of course, this Marine Paradise tote from Patricia Field is right up my ally. If you don't know, Patricia Field is famous for outfitting Sex and the City. And her stuff is so wild and so much fun!!

This has fastly become one of my favorite sites to window shop on Etsy. The earrings alone are enough to make a girl happy. They are all so cute and kitschy and fun! There were too many of my favorites to put them all here... but you can find mushrooms, deer, birds, red riding hood, gingham - the list goes on and on!

Something else my dear friend Katie has introduced me too and now I am quite certain to become obsessed with is Disney Couture. I am in love with all things Alice in Wonderland and there are some fabulous pieces of Disney Couture jewelry that I have decided are a must for my collection. Katie is my super hip counter-part who has a black belt in shopping and all things fashionable. I can't complain - she motivates me to be a better dressed, more put together gal!

Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Ring

So, there are some of my wants for the week? How about you? Please share with me cool/unique/fun things you have found. I'm a lover/collector of many things -- birds, zombies, Alice, owls, tea cups, mirrors, Native American art. But there is always room in my collection for something new!

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~


  1. We are like sisters of the heart! LOL. I love zombies, owls and alice in wonderland also (i'm getting an alice tattoo later this year). I really started getting into domo last year, he's so freaking cute.

  2. that's awesome!! i'm starting to not feel like such a 'weirdo' for the zombie thing!!! Love hearing you're getting an Alice in Wonderland tattoo... do you have something picked out you can share? I'm planning on my first tattoo this year!

  3. thanks for stopping by Danielle! I know, I've been fighting the urge all weekend to buy several pairs of earrings from that site! I've been good so far!