Sunday, May 8, 2011

Minor Construction Ahead ((on me))

I feel like, when God speaks, we should probably listen. I've said before, I don't use my blog as a forum for religion or politics - but really, this whole idea/philosophy I have could probably pertain to whatever it is you may personally believe in. So feel free to be comfortable to read on.

I know me. I know me quite well. We've been living together now for 31 years - so we've become quite close. I will be the first person to tell you all the really awesome things about myself and I can also tell you what my flaws/challenges may be. We all have them. And I have not problem sharing mine with others.

This past month my life has taken a small turn of events. I've found myself in a new situation that I never honestly thought I would find myself in. And in a mere one month, God has taken the opportunity to share with me many things I need to work on and is presenting every situation so that I may practice. I have to grit my teeth as I even write that... because it's not easy at all! To learn to try to improve those areas of our lives that we know need improvement - but its just easier to not to do so. But I've heard the call loud and clear. Not to mention, my situation is totally worth it and nothing in the world has ever felt so real or so right to me.


So, without further ado, I am going to present to you the life lessons Manda is being forced to deal with currently (and hopefully, can learn these lessons and move on)

1. The world does not revolve around me. Big schocker - I know. And for the past 31 years, basically I've acted as it has and if you don't want to act like it does, you can exit stage right. Maybe, just maybe, it's the only child in me. But I'm learning very quickly, that maybe, this in fact, is not true.

2. A good thing is worth waiting for. You can't just rush in blindly to every situation and sometimes, taking the time to nurture and care for something, does in fact, make it even better in the end.

3. Everything necessarily can't be done when I want it to be done. Just because I want it now-now-now, doesn't mean that it can happen like that. I know, this kinda goes along with #1. Priorities are a good thing (I preach that a lot) and so I must learn to understand when others practice what I preach.

4. Honestly is the best policy. And is key to any good communication. It is better to say what's on your mind when it's, in fact, on your mind. Other than bottling everything up and sending a series of crazy text messages after 5 glasses of wine. Once it's said out loud, it normally is never as bad as it seemed when you were obsessing over it in your head.

5. I am obsessive and impulsive and have severe anxiety. I'm not certain those can be changed 100%. However, I can learn to let the small things go. The plates on the table can be moved. Someone else can be on my computer. The magazines can be gone through and looked at. And the boys can mow the yard and come in grassy. The world is not going to end.

So, there you have it. It's a pretty big list in my opinion! But one I'm happily and graciously working on and praying about. Because I have some extremely special people in my life who count on me.... and that feeling is the best feeling in the world. So for that, I can conquer some of my faults so I can move forward in a new life!


What are some things/life lessons you've had to learn along the way? And were they due to any specific situation?

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~

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