Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happiness Anyone??

So Kaelah Bee over at Little Chief Honeybee has got me thinking. She is doing a 30 day detox of mind and body. She has some fantastic points and I feel like I can understand where she is coming from. I can let one itty bitty thing derail my whole day. I can just be chugging along without a care in the world and one thing can set me in a mood for the whole rest of the day... it can take me having to go to bed and 'sleep it off' before I can get back right again. Why I sweat the small stuff, I have no idea. It's not necessarily how I want to live my life. I mean, does anyone really want to live like that? But I find myself dwelling on the negative and so very often overlooking the positive. So, I'm going to try the 30 day challenge and see if I can keep some of the negative thoughts/feelings that get me down at bay. And maybe I can break the habit.


So all of this got me to thinking about The Happiness Project as well. I'm the best at buying books that are going to help me live a better, happier, more productive life - and then doing nothing with them at all! I had bought Gretchin Rubin's book on my Kindle sometime back and started reading it, and then at some point just lost interest. Then this morning I got an email from The Happiness Project about over thinking things (which is an understatement to how I live my life - I think things to death). This made me think about the 30 Day Detox - and how maybe I should start reading the book again. I mean, I understand we all make our own happiness. I just need to teach myself how to let the insignificant things go and be happy for everything I am blessed with - and forget about the things I don't have - or really just don't even matter!


So, this is my vow. To find a little bit of happiness. Detox my mind and soul. And see how I feel about myself along the way.

What are your strategies for happiness??

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~ 


  1. tonulaur

    Amanda, before I open my eyes in the morning, I thank God for all my blessings. It's not that hard, then when you get up, have a cup of coffee, read the Bible and some words of wisdom, I'm ready for the day. Leave the door with a smile on your face, and know that God is on your side and wants the best for you!

  2. thank you for stopping by my blog! I do try to count my blessings daily and I end my every day with prayer! I like the idea of leaving the house with a smile on my face - sets the tone for the whole day!