Friday, March 25, 2011

Time for Fabulous Finds Friday...

So... today I'm actually out shopping - finding all kinds of fabulous finds! But I wanted to share some things that I've come across this week that I just really want!

First is this super cute White Rabbit brooch from Concentric on Etsy. com.

Another thing that caught my eye on Etsy this week was this beautiful set of coasters from MeadowTea. I'm a sucker for anything with birds....

Basically I want everything in the shop of FablesbyBarrie but I really fell in love with this dress (I would like me alter ego to be a Rockabilly girl I think):

SALE Pearl Dress (L and XL)

And last, but not least -- I have 3 little fur babies who have to have 'fabulous finds' of their own... so for my fellow dog lovers -- check out the collars from FidosFashionCollars - I especially like this one (I told you, I have a thing for birds)

Custom Dog Collar - Tiny Owls in Blue

Let me know what your finds of the week... or weekend are! I have to keep shopping -- and will share all those great treats later on!!

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~


  1. Oh I love all of your finds! That dress is so cute - I wish that I had rockabilly style! I can't wait to see what else is in that shop. And the dog collars - so precious! I got Winnie one for Christmas from another shop, and I think I'll get her one from this one, too - a pup's gotta have some styles to mix it up with! :)

  2. lol. Thanks Mandy! I soooo dig the Rockabilly style... it's my desire to be a Rockabilly girl! I just have never had the guts to try to pull it off! And I totally agree a pup has gotta have some style!