Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's Catch Up

Whew. Life has become a whirlwind. I have started wearing so many hats and juggling so many different things - I kind of lost me along the way.

Let's recap:

-New Company Owner

It's a lot. Sometimes I get so frustrated and overwhelmed, I lose all motivation to do anything. And then I remembered - I have to continue to do something for me. And blogging has always been about me. So, here I am.

In the last 4 months I quit my day job and started my own corporation with my Mom - Wonderland and Company. We have successfully opened our Etsy shop and are seeing a lot of success - which delights us to no end.

We also became the first and only Texas retailer of a fabulous new DIY product that we are taking to Canton Trade Days. It's called Get Plastered by The Plaster Paint Company. It's a paint that allows you do re-finish most anything with no stripping, priming or sanding. And it's waaaay cheaper than some of the other similar products out there and even more importantly, it's made in the USA.

We also set up a booth at a local antique/craft mall, sent in our application to Canton and did our very first craft show! And happy to say, it was a success. We actually made money after we paid all our expenses. So life is good! We got a new workshop built at my home so that I have a dedicated workspace to get all my endeavors accomplished!

But I've been feeling like I'm still missing something. And I think that's a place for my voice to be heard. A place of like minded, supportive and super creative and talented people. That place is my blog.

This time I'm not going to track my stats. I'm not going to keep up with how many followers I have. I'm simply going to do what I love - write. And talk about my life, family, failures, successes and everything in between. This time I'm not going to worry about what makes anyone else happy, simply what makes me happy. The good thing is, I've finally found my place in the world. I'm doing something I absolutely love. I don't need to be a big time blogger to be a success.

I'm a success already - at least I think so!

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