Monday, July 16, 2012

Today I Will

Today I Will:
  • try to look at things as the glass being half full
  • live in the present
  • find joy in the small things
  • bake a tasty treat for my family
  • take pictures, lots or pictures, to document this time
  • tell my parents 'thank you' for all the incredible support they give my family
  • practice signing my soon to be new name
  • finish packing for my Honeymoon
  • stop stressing and enjoy the moment
  • thank God for delivering me such an amazing man to marry
  • remember to not panic, even though it's 5 days til my wedding
  • make David practice our first kiss as man and wife
  • check out some really good books to take along on my trip
  • breathe and remember what the approaching big day is truly about – marrying my best friend

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