Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What We Wore {Prom Night}

So, no, I didn't get to go to prom this year. I guess the 3 or 4 times I went back in high school should be enough for me. Although, I do love a reason to get all dolled up! My oldest daughter had prom on Saturday and it was, once again, a new experience for me in the adventures of motherhood!

We took her dress shopping last month. It was important to me that she get something unique and not show up at prom in the same dress as another girl (that is just a horrifying thought to me). So, after what felt like a hundred dresses, she settled on one that made everyone happy (including my mother). I looked over at my Mom at one point and said 'I'm truly turning into a Mom, aren't I?' as I handed Court dress after dress, telling her, 'just try it on and make me happy.' I used to hate when my dear mother would do that. Oh, how funny life is.

So, apparently, in 2012, nobody wears long dresses to prom any more. Which made me sad. When I was in school it was long and beaded. Now, the style is short and shorter. In my mind, what they are wearing qualifies more as a 'party dress' but there I go sounding like an old lady, so I'll stop.

Prom day came and I took Court to go get her hair done - and it was perfect. She had a picture of Taylor Swift and wanted it just like that and indeed, that's what she got. When she was all put together, she looked stunning. I was so proud of how classy she looked, while at the same time looking young and fun.

The pink heels were all her idea. I can take no credit, except I think my fabulous fashion sense is rubbing off on her! They were super high (think hooker heels) and I was scared to death I would get a phone call that she was in the ER with a broken ankle!

David did a good job of not being too over protective and crazy. I must take credit for that as well. When it comes to the girls, I've pretty much become the mediator in making sure they don't stay locked up until they are 100. And if I say so myself, he and I looked pretty good for prom night too!

Court had fun at prom. David and I had a nice, quiet evening at home. And all in all, we gave the whole experience 'two thumbs up'!


  1. So pretty! Stopping by from Pleated Poppy link up

  2. Aww she looks beautiful.

    Good job on all accounts, you are such a good roll model .

    Love and hugs

    Claire x

  3. She's a very pretty girl and she looks like she oozes with self-confidence! :)

    I always thought proms were "formals" and therefor full length gowns were worn as short ones are semi-formal. Times change, I guess!

  4. Aww she looks so cute! I bet she had a great time!

  5. She looks oh so cute!! V's sister went to prom and most of her friends wore long dresses...maybe depends on the state? Hmm :)
    You and David are beautiful - you look so beautiful and so young :)

  6. I saw you on and thought I would stop by to say hello! LOVE the hot pink shoes with that dress. I guess the "hooker" part doesn't show from the front view :) pippa