Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thought for Thursday {Success}

Don't you love when a real life moment allows you the opportunity for a teaching lesson? How life throws you something that says, 'this might get your point across.' This happened for David and me during this years NFL Draft.

We have a couple of over-achievers in our house when it comes to sports. This isn't a bad thing. I love that the kids push themselves hard, take pride in what they do and want to be successful. However, with being an over-achiever comes the other side of the coin. They absolutely hate to lose. They are not gracious losers. And it really affects them.

Our Freshman was one of two Freshman to be chosen not only to play Varsity softball this year, but she started every single game. Huge honor. She's an amazing player with tons of talent. However, our high school softball team didn't do so hot this year. And by not doing so hot, I mean they lost every single game. However, Morgan was a star and lead the boards in several areas all season out of all the softball players in East Texas.

But after every game she would be so angry. She would get in the car and say things like, 'I'm not going to play next season' or 'We suck. I don't want to play if we can't go to the playoffs.' Every time David and I would try to explain to her that success wasn't just about her team winning, but about what she was doing on the field. That when it came time for college scouts to come out, they would be looking at her and her stats. They didn't care if her team lost every game her entire career. They cared about what she did out there on the field.

However, it just wouldn't sink in.

Fast forward to the 2012 NFL Draft. There was a boy sitting in New York that we all knew well. His name is Kendall Wright. He is a graduate of our very own high school, here in East Texas, population 4,500. His high school football team never won a state championship.

However, he left Pittsburg to go play for the Baylor Bears. While there, he set or tied 16 school records in his 4 year career. He was a four year starter. He was ranked third nationally and led the Big 12 with receiving yards his senior year. His list of accomplishments go on and on.

And this year, he was picked 20th in the first round of the Draft by the Tennessee Titans. He is just the fourth wide receiver ever drafted by the franchise in the first round. This kid is from little 'ol Pittsburg, Texas - who played on the same fields my kids play on. Sat in the same classrooms my kids sit in. Grew up running the same streets my kids play on. If you don't know a lot about football or the draft, to go in the top 20 is beyond a huge accomplishment. It means he will more than likely see a lot of playing time as a rookie.

So, my point is - this was the perfect time to talk to our 15 year old again about going after her dreams and achieving success. It's her dream to play college softball. What a great opportunity to show her how a kid from the same high school she attends did just that. And he didn't win a bunch of championships. He played hard. He knew what he wanted. He went after his dreams and he achieved them.

So, I'm hoping that this time it sunk in. And I love a good hometown hero story. And I have no doubt that she will be one herself when she graduates in 2015. I know I'm going to push her and encourage her to chase her dreams every single day. And do everything that I can to make sure she achieves them! And every time that doubt starts to creep in, now all I have to say is 'Remember Kendall Wright.'

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  1. I'm not a big football of luck to your team :)

  2. Great job helping her see the big picture. She sounds like a talented girl and hope she sticks with it!

  3. What a great "teachable moment!" Hope it strikes a chord with her!!

  4. Loved this. It is such a challenge to brace our kids for the real world as well as encourage them to pursue their dreams. Found you through the link up. Happy to be your newest member.

  5. I just stopped by your blog for the first time today, and what a wonderful story to read! I hope that she goes far and is able to make her dreams come true. With such wonderful supporting people in her life like you, I am sure that she will :)

  6. i absolutely love this quote! (and mr. disney of course)