Monday, March 26, 2012

March Tips & Tricks

Well, another month is coming to a close. Where the heck did this month go? I've had some beautiful ladies featured in my side bar for the month - if you haven't been to visit them, please do!

This months Tips & Tricks questions for this talented group was:

"What are your tips and tricks for staying inspired - for your blog or your business?"

Read on for some really fantastic answers!

100x100"Here are my THREE tips for staying inspired: Know your blog's focus (what is your blog about) and stick with it. Don't spend too much time looking at what everyone else is doing. It's great to know what others are blogging about/sharing, but don't neglect your personal interests. Try something new, whether it's around the house (a project you've wanted to take on) or a restaurant to try. And the best part is, if you take some photos you can make it a fun story to share on your blog!"

Mom 2 Memphis And Ruby"I think the best tip or trick for staying inspired is... staying happy. When you start to feel like you're just going through the motions (blog or in life), you need to stop, take a step back and re-evaluate what is important to YOU. It is so easy to get caught up in numbers and 'drama' but I'm sure we all started blogging for the same reason... a creative outlet, a way to document our lives/promote our business, to inspire or be inspired... or simply just to have fun. Stay true to yourself, your personality, you morals and it'll always sort itself out!"

"My tips and tricks for staying inspired are just to take in whatever I can and take advantage of every opportunity. Whether acting, blogging, or photography, I try to keep learning and checking out new things. Just constantly expanding my pool of knowledge and horizons helps to keep me motivated to do new projects, try new techniques. It energizes me to see what people are doing and how I can adapt that to myself. Some things don't work out, some things do, but I'm always energized and growing. Just keep going and stay true to yourself."

"Besides having a lovely chat with Manda Jane, I would say my biggest tip for staying inspired is to schedule time away. It doesn't have to be an actual vacation, but it's good to have some time away from things maybe once a month. This gives you a chance to take in all the amazing things around you and can give you so much to talk about later on in a post or two. Plus it's good to have a little sanity break every now and then."

So, Elf House peeps - what are your tips and trick for staying inspired? What do you do to keep the creative juices flowing?

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  1. All good advice- especially from Moda Mama. I feel inspired after reading these!