Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thought for Thursday {Why I Blog}

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I blog because I want to.
I blog because I hope that I have something to share with those who read these posts.
I blog because I love to write, always have.
I blog because I am inspired by the relationships I have built and the people I have met.
I blog because I have about a million thoughts/ideas in my head, screaming to get out.
I blog because in my busy life, this is one of the few things I make time for that is 'for me'.
I blog because I'm free to be who I am on here and don't face criticism or scrutiny.
I blog because this is the only place in the world I have, that is just for me, by me.
I blog because it makes me feel good.
I blog, simply, because I can.

Why do you blog??

It's that time again. Happy Thursday friends! Hope everyone is having an inspiring week. Let me know what's on your mind this Thursday by linking up! And don't forget to grab a button!

Elf House Chronicles


  1. I'm so happy you blog, because it's allowed us to get to know the super amazing lady you are! But the best thing about it is, blogging is what brought us together as friends. I might have to steal this idea in a few weeks, since next month is all about blogging for me (my first blogiversary!).

  2. I love this :) it's such a difficult question, I'm struggling to think of an answer. Material for a post methinks??

    I especially love the 'write one thing a week that scares you'. I should try this. xoxo

  3. I love that: "Write one thing a week that scares you". Such a sweet post! <3