Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thought for Thursday {It's Not Easy}

I had this whole other idea planned out for today. My thoughts on blogging and why I blog. But then life happened. Nothing in particular, just one of those weeks, where everything seems to annoy me or frustrate me or anger me. I don't know why. Hormones maybe?

Work is stressful. I come home and I'm not happy with the state of the house. I'm annoyed that the kids never plan ahead and I get texts during the day because they need something at school. I'm annoyed because there is no bread for me at lunch and we just bought two loaves on Sunday. I can't find my scentsy and I just bought 5 new scents and now I can't use them.

Have you ever had one of those weeks?

Being an adult is not easy. Being a full time Mom is not easy. Being a partner to someone else is not easy. There are days I want to come home to complete silence and just do nothing. But I can't. Because dinner has to be made and homework done and the boys are fighting in the other room and the girls want to know if they can borrow (insert any makeup product here). It is full on crazy and chaotic at our house and nothing about it is easy.

But, it's all worth it. And that's what I have to remind myself during weeks like this one. All the aggravation and frustration and time spent is worth it. We have four wonderful kiddos who are all excelling more than they ever have. I have a loving, supportive, helpful partner who shoulders it all with me. I have a job that I actually enjoy and helps pay our bills.

So, yeah, it's hard. But if it wasn't hard, anybody could do it. And I like to think we aren't anybody. We are a pretty darn special family. And we are all worth it.

So, what's happening in your part of the world this week? Tell me what's on your mind and linkup! Don't forget to grab a button! And hey, all of you make it all worth it too! I love reading your posts each week and continuing to make new friends!

Elf House Chronicles


  1. Oh my, it sometimes feels like EVERY week is one of those weeks!!

    But you do so well - you have a very lucky family :) xoxo

  2. Can totally relate to your post , thank you for sharing :)

    You are doing a great job :), 4 children is definitely demanding !!! from one mammma to another

    Claire xoxo

  3. All the aggravation and aggravation and time invested is value it. We have four amazing kids who are all doing your best more than they ever have.

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  4. I can't imagine how crazy it get with the kids thrown in, but I can understand having to deal with chaos all the time. I'm right there with you, sweetie. It's been one of those week's for the past few in our world...& I'm ready for a little peace & quiet this weekend.

    You're doing a wonderful job & are an amazing mama to those kiddos. I'm always around if you need to vent or want some encouragement.


  5. I feel ya, swappy...there's always a day or week like this every so often where you want to bury yourself under the covers and sleep.
    I know *exactly* how that is!

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