Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Qualities I Hope to Show My Hubby

I've talked about it quite a bit lately. I obviously have marriage on the brain with the upcoming nuptials. And I continue to think and reflect on the kind of wife and partner I hope to be to David. Today is Valentines Day and the world goes crazy with the sappy cards, chocolates and flowers. That's all fine and good, don't get me wrong, but the real question is:

What are you doing to show your love the other 364 days a year?

Relationships, friendships, marriages - all of it takes work all year long. And while it's fun to celebrate on February 14th, lets not forget that we should be celebrating our relationships the rest of the year too!

So, today (in celebration of Valentines Day) I'm sharing the 5 qualities I hope to display/show daily to David from this point forward. Now, I know I'm not perfect. And there will be days (many, many days) where I fall short. But my goal and intent is to make a conscious effort each day to be the best wife I can be.

In no particular order, I want and strive to be:
  1. Supportive – I can fall short in this category. I'm not going to lie. But I want to support him every day. In his job. As a husband. As a father. In his dreams. On his bad days. I want to support him even when I don't think he's making the right decision, simply because he is my husband and he is the man of our house.
  2. Appreciative – Every day I should tell David how much I appreciate him. The fact that he works so hard to provide for our family. That's he's a hands on, wonderful Dad. That he does the dishes so I don't have to. The fact that he gets out of bed to get me a snack when I'm all tucked in and comfy. When he takes his turn at doing homework with the kids so I get a break. All the little things I need to show appreciation for, because I have an amazing guy.
  3. Uplifting & Positive – I'm a negative nelly. Nobody knows this better than myself. It really gets to David sometimes and it may be the one thing about me he would change (although he won't admit it). I need to be positive in regards to everything surrounding our life and relationship. I need to go by the motto 'Let Go and Let God' and not wallow in the bad things and celebrate the good things. When negative things happen, I only hurt our relationship more by pouring on more negativity.
  4. Fun – We do a good job on this one. I love to make him laugh! When he laughs and smiles and just shakes his head at something I've done, it makes me feel good. With all the stress that comes along with being adults and parents, we have to ensure that we have fun along the way.
  5. Humble – I can sometimes get on my high horse (surprise, surprise). I tend to want to keep score of who was right. I might rub it in your face that you were wrong. Even if I don't do it with malicious intent, it's no way to be to your partner in life. I want to really concentrate on being more respectful of David and our relationship and finally understanding that it can't always be about me!
So, you're turn! What did I leave off my list? What qualities are important to you that you display and show in your relationship? It doesn't have to be marriage – maybe your friendships or relationships with your parents!
And, Happy Valentines Day to all you lovelies!


  1. It looks like you've got all the super important points covered. Those are all things I try to do (but I definitely fall short some days).

    You are an amazing lady & I know you will be the most wonderful wife to David. He's a super lucky fella! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day together!


  2. What an absolutely AMAZING post!! I need to get on this and do it :) GREAT idea!!!!!