Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Getting Married Monday

Happy Monday ya'll. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I have good news to report. I met with my wedding coordinator and she can do every idea that I've come up with thus far! She didn't have to tell me no to one thing. And, I have to brag for just a second. She did say I was one of the most organized brides she has worked with (thank you Pinterest and me wasting away hours upon hours of my life pinning away).

Today I thought we would talk wedding favors. I love wedding favors. I think they are a must. My wedding coordinator doesn't seem so much a fan and informed me I should only purchase enough for half of the guests I was expecting. Who doesn't love a fun, free gift to take home from the festivities?

At first, I was sold on doing a candy bar. But the more I thought it over, it didn't really fit in with my vision and theme of the big day. So, I've gone back to the drawing board and come up with a few other options.

First, French Macaroons.

48 Assorted Regular French Macarons - Perfect for tea time

This idea has confused both my mother and the wedding coordinator. My Mom had no clue you could get flavors such as Passion Fruit, Lavendar and Raspberry. The wedding coordinator said I would be her first client to ever do this as a favor. I would love to package them two to a guest in some super cute Alice in Wonderland packaging.

Here are some ideas I've found to dress them up for the guests:

Gift Tags, Alice In Wonderland Themed

Alice in Wonderland Glassine Party Favor Treat Bags with Ribbon - Set of 10 - Choice of Ribbon Color

Take Me Kraft Paper Party Favor Treat Bags with Ribbon - Set of 10

Another idea I had was some sort of tea favor or teacup or teapot favor. I mean, we are going for a tea party type feel.

We could have our own custom blend tea created to give to guests to remember our big day.

WEDDING Tea Favors -- Custom Blend for Weddings

Maybe these cute little cookies done in our wedding colors and an 'M' for my future last name.

AFTERNOON TEA Teacup and Teapot Sugar Cookie Party Favors

Or what about scones? Isn't that one thing you typically have with tea?

25 Edible Wedding Favors - Mini Heart Shaped Vanilla Scones

So what do you think about wedding favors? Are they a 'do' or a 'don't'? Did you have favors on your big day? If so, what did you do for your guests?


  1. The macaroons sound tasty! My favorite favors to receive are photos of the couple and cute pastries. People like to receive something that is personal, with a cute story behind it or favors they can use.

  2. I've been to a wedding that gave macaroons as the favour. The were all devoured by the happy guests between the ceremony and dinner. We all loved them (so far they were my fav. favour). I have a can of tea from a wedding as well. A friend received it and passed it on to me. Considering that we are both tea drinkers, I would say avoid. Give your guest something to consume right away.