Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Tips & Tricks

Moving forward, I've decided to highlight my sponsors and friends each month by posing to them some sort of question. My intent is that we can all learn something from this incredibly talented group of ladies and walk away with some new insight, ideas or inspiration.

I've asked some of my super talented and amazingly insightful friends and sponsors to share some of their insight with us this month. I posed this question to them:

What is one piece of advice you would give to new bloggers/crafters/shop owners?

Read on for some really awesome answers. And make sure you drop by and show them some love!

"The best advice I can offer is to be true to yourself! There are so many great blogs and shops out there already, it's easy to think "I want to do what they are doing." But that would only be good for so long. Let people get to know you/your products for what you have to offer. Take your time and become friends with fellow bloggers, their help and advice is invaluable."

Living Apockylypse"I'm a fairly new blogger (celebrating my 1st blogiversary next month). I am searching for things about becoming a shop owner. But a crafter? I've been that since birth (no, seriously)! The best advice I can give to a new crafter would be to get involved with other crafters, be it a craftalong or online community. You have the more experienced crafters around to give valuable advice. You can get inspired by other's projects. But something even more valuable is the lifelong friendships that are formed by crafting together."

"Love what you do! Everyone and their cat has a blog these days and everyone and their cat is striving hard to get followers in all sorts of ways - but ultimately that's not the point, I think. To me, blogging is more about a public journal, an outer "inner monologue" - sure there may be a review or an accasional giveaway - but those to me are not the focus. It's about sharing ideas and experiences, and maybe making just a litle sense of this crazy world. So love what you do, even if no one follows you."

"Have fun! A lot of bloggers and shop owners feel pressue to be the best or the most popular of the most successful, but those things can't be forced. If you're having fun and you love what you do, then not only will those impossible standards not matter so much, but you'll actually be more likely to attain your goals!"

"My advice would be to invest in a good template. Whether this is buying and installing a pre-made one, or paying someone to build you a custom one, it's a worthwhile step. Having a site that looks good and functions correctly is so important. If you're trying to do it all yourself, and you don't realy know coding...well, generally that shows and can give off a less than professional vibe. Free templates can also be good, but unless you customize it, anyone else on the internet could have the exact same look."

"Be true to yourself. Real simple advice with real amazing results. No one can be you better than you can and what works for someone else may not work for you. Just be true to who you are, what you're passionate about and you can't go wrong."

"One piece of advice I have for new bloggers/shop owners is to find your style/voice. Know what is important to you and stick with it. Be yourself and others will come to your blog/shop for what you have there."

Wow. Isn't that some inspiring advice? All these ladies know what they are talking about and it's such a phenomenal group! Thanks ladies for giving us some insight!

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  1. lovely to be part of an amazing group of women!!!

    great advice !!!!

    Claire xoxo