Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Thought For Thursday {Adulthood}

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I think this at least once a week. And I've been thinking it since I reached 'adulthood' - whatever age that is where you reach adulthood. I don't feel 31. I don't think I act like I'm 31. I remember when I was younger I thought 30 seemed so old! And now I'm there.

I do adult things - I work every day and pay my bills. I own a home and a car. I budget our money and buy real groceries and cook. And now, I support and take care of 4 kiddos! And there is no way I feel like I'm old enough to have 4 step-kids!

I look at other people my age and they don't seem like adults to me either! My friends who are moms and dads and work and do all the same things I do, they don't register as adults either! Is it that as we get older, our definition of being grown or an adult or being old - changes?

Honestly, I love the fact that I don't feel or act old. I enjoy still listening to the same music our kids listen to and dressing young and 'hip.' I can't lie, there are times I find myself saying and doing things that remind me of my mother! And those are my 'aha' moments of clarity that, "yes Amanda, you are an adult." And that's okay by me. I think just being me is good enough - and when I'm 80 I still won't feel like a real, live grownup!

Don't forget to link up! Would love to see what everyone is thinking this Thursday! I hope some of you have come by from Mama Marchand's and will join us weekly! This is honestly my favorite post of the week!

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  1. DITTO! I know EXACTLY what you mean!

  2. When I'm not bogged down with the stress of adult responsibilities, I often am in the same boat.

  3. i will be 30 next year and even with with 2 kids and a husband, i still feel like i just got my high school dipolma!

    this is my first week linking up! thanks for hosting!