Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear Santa v. 4

Time for another edition of Dear Santa. I hope you guys are enjoying these and getting some fun ideas for Christmas! If only Santa would bring me all the lovely things I find daily!

This week I thought I would do a Christmas ornament edition. My parents started a tradition with me from my very first year; an ornament for the tree every year. Normally if reflects something that is significant to that year or it could simply be a movie I loved that year. When I went off to college, I already had enough ornaments to decorate my own tree! And the collection continues to grow! I love when it's time to decorate and I take out each ornament and there is a memory that is associated with it. Each ornament is so special to me.

This year we are starting the same tradition with our kids. They all have their own ornament to put on our tree this year - and I will continue this tradition with them moving forward. I hope they find it as special to them as it has been to me.

So, on to the ornaments...

1. 1950's Retro Fawn Ornaments by Plasticland

2. Love on the Lawn (Gnomeo & Juliet) by Hallmark

3. Owl Plush Felt Ornament by eleventhmonkey

4. Unicorn-ament Set by Modcloth

Do you have a Christmas tradition or collection at your house?


  1. Squee! I love the Gnomeo and Juliet ornament. I heart gnomes.

  2. What a lovely idea..
    I think the owl is super cute :)

  3. The other day I was at Target and saw loads of interesting ornaments, much more than the typical bauble that we have in the Netherlands. I loved them so much, I promised myself that when I have kids I would start the same tradition of one special ornament per year. So I'm happy to read your parents have done that for you and that you love it so much. Now I'm definitely going to do it!

    Thanks for including my owl!