Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 Tips for Being An Awesome Friend

I was talking with my good friend Kelly today from Living Apockylypse and the topic of friendship came up. More importantly, being a good friend. We are all friends to someone. We all have someone who is a friend to us. My friendships are beyond important to me - my friends have definitely helped shape me into the person I am today. They are my rock and my strength at times. They are who I blow off steam with and who I celebrate life's triumphs with. I am a very loyal and genuine friend - and expect the same from those that I surround myself with.

So, here are my five tips for making sure you're an awesome friend to those in your life.

1. Do Something Nice - I know, for me, I love when I get a surprise in the mail. It could be a card with a handwritten note, a book or a special treat. It doesn't just make my day, it makes my whole month. If you have a long distance friend, send them a little surprise to let them know you're thinking of them. If you have a friend in town, take them out for lunch or bake that busy Mom a casserole so she doesn't have to worry about making dinner.

2. Be a Good Listener - Sometimes we don't want advice. We just want to vent our frustrations or talk out whatever issue is going on in our head. A good friend knows when to just actively listen.

3. Make Girl Time - We are all busy. We're all guilty of getting caught up in our own lives. But it's good to carve out that time for our girlfriends. My friend Shelby and I try to make a monthly date of wine drinking on the back porch. You could meet up for lunch or hit up happy hour. The amount of time you spend doesn't matter - it's the point of making the time.

4. Pick Up the Phone - I know, I know - texting is so much easier. But it's not making the same connection as a good phone conversation. Especially for our friends that live farther away. I know for me, my BFF Angie lives a long way from me. And we keep up via text, Facebook and she's an active reader of my blog (Hi Angie). However, sometimes I just have to have that 'talk time.' At times we actually have to schedule these chats - but it doesn't matter if it's 10 minutes or an hour, I always feel better after a conversation.

5. Be Honest - In my opinion, being a good friend means being honest. Some people may mistake being honest for being rude or being that ugly 'B' word - but that's not the case. In a good friendship you can call someone out on their bullshit, tell them what they don't want to hear and give them constructive criticism. If your friends can't be honest with you, who can? My friends honesty keeps me in check and always puts things in perspective.

What do you think makes an awesome friend?


  1. All great tips, darlin'! In the short time we've known each other, I can already tell that you are a wonderful friend. Your honesty is what makes you so amazing, because you know how much honesty means to me.


  2. Lovely post, a friend to me is someone who you can totally be yourself with and who loves and respects you for who you are.
    I am so proud to call you my friend ;0)
    Love and hugs xox

  3. just being there...silent...and listening...that's what my girlfriends do for me:)

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  6. love this..!! very true, great tips. i agree with polkadot-pretties, you can totally be your self in front of a true friend and not worry about how you're acting. Also, no matter how far away they may be, you think of them and YOU know that they're thinking of you too :)

  7. great post!