Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The New & Improved...

Welcome to the first post on the new and re-designed Elf House Chronicles. Isn't it just lovely?! It's more than I could have dreamed of. Ashley of After Nine to Five did my whole design, as well as sprucing up myEtsy shop. She was fantastic to work with and took the 'feel' that I wanted and gave me this new beauty. She is fresh back into design work and I was her first new client and I'm so impressed with her. I can't say enough good things and if you are thinking about doing anything new with your blog/Etsy shop/website, first go and check out her rates and packages here. She is also starting 'pay what you can consulting' work on a one on one basis – and you can learn more about that here.

With my new look and design, I feel confident to really make this blog what I've dreamed of it being. When I first started, I had no idea what I was getting into. I was just blogging to blog. The more I do it and the more I read other blogs, the more I'm getting a feel for what I want my little part of the blog world to be. I know I'm not a fashion blogger – I'm not going to be doing What I Wore Wednesdays (unless it's just something mind blowing). That's not who I am. I'm not setting the fashion world ablaze. I do know that I am a step-mom to 4 kiddos, a working mom and also someone who is striving to stay inspired and creative and get my Etsy shop to be successful. And this is probably the direction my blog is headed in – with some random things mixed in. I don't want to put myself in a corner and make some bold statement like 'I'm a mom blogger.' I am who I am – and will work hard to put stuff out there that is relevant to other people and makes me happy at the same time.

I'm really bad at seeing what everyone else is doing and wanting to do it all myself. I want to do the 30 Day Photo Challenges and the 365 Days of Lists. But the reality is, my time is very limited. And I'm extremely hard on myself when I can't follow through. Which is why my new goal is to dedicate my time and energy to the blog (just good content on a regular basis) with some advertising and my Etsy shop. I want both to be amazing – and I can only accomplish that by making them my priority.

I hope everyone likes the new design! Be on the lookout for new content and fresh things in the shop! I'm extremely excited about the direction I'm headed and I'm so glad you are all on this journey with me!

And stop by and show Ashley some love at her blog After Nine to Five or give her a shout out on Twitter @afterninetofive. She is one extremely special lady.

P.S. If you have my button on your blog, I would love for you to grab a new one and swap it out!!

Lots of Love...


  1. It looks FAB!!!!! So you :) , so happy for you ......
    Looking forward to reading more of you adventures.....
    Love Claire x