Monday, October 24, 2011

Hometown Festivals

Just like in all small towns across America, we have our fair share of celebrations and festivals here in my little part of the world! In Gilmer, where our kids go to school, it's the Yamboree - yes, the celebration of yams. It's such a big deal, the kids even get 2 days off of school for it. We spent our fair share of time up there this weekend. It was nice to get to wander around holding hands with my honey while the kids ran around with friends and rode rides.

 Thursday night both girls went to the Queens Ball. Yes, the yam festival comes with it's own royalty. A queen and her court, with 2 nights of coronations and a huge formal! Sometimes I think, only in East Texas!

Hope you enjoy some snapshots from our weekend!

Lots of Love...


  1. Looks like so much fun! Love festivals. MMM would love some fried festival food right now.

  2. Making fairs a family outing is so much fun, especially with my crazy family [that I wouldn't have any other way!].