Monday, August 22, 2011

We Made It...

Happy to report we made it through the first day of school. No major meltdowns this morning and everyone got up and out the door and to school on time. Here are my precious kiddos before they headed out...

Courtney, Bubba, Morgan & Derrick

We did have quite a meltdown at dinnertime. This is becoming a nightly occurrence. However, we are sticking to our guns. The issue is what is being served. Me, thinking I was doing the right thing, worked all day at my new job and came home to cook and make sure dinner was on the table when everyone walked through the door at 6. On the menu: brisket, squash and new potatoes. Apparently eating squash is the equivalent of asking them to cut off a limb.

However, one our house rules is that we 'try everything'. And we are sticking to this rule. And tonight it worked in our favor with the new potatoes. One had an 'aha' moment and discovered he actually liked them (amazing the things that can happen). The other turned dinner into an hour plus affair before trying the squash. You win some, you lose some.

So, we are getting there. It's a very slow, uphill process - but I'm sticking to my guns that these kids will change their eating habits and learn to make better choices. I would be a horrible parent if I didn't!

Hope everyone else had a fantastic Monday!

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~

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  1. Glad the first day back went well ;), we usually have a few meltdowns in my home at meal times.... my eldest daughter refuses to eat anything with a slight taste or spice .... Can totally relate
    Hugs Claire x