Wednesday, July 27, 2011

House Rules-

So, I'm pretty anal retentive and a tad OCD about certain things. I've said it before, I'm not so much a 'clean freak' but I have all these little quirks that just drive me insane. I hate dishes in the sink. I hate things sitting on the end tables or coffee tables that don't belong. All my knick knacks have a space and sit in a certain way. Basically, everything in my house has a place. I'm a tad crazy when it comes to these things.

Well, I now have 5 new people coming in to share my space. I've NEVER been a space sharer. I didn't have many roommates in college and never have had a roommate in my adult life. I'm a control freak. I'm not afraid to say that. I'm a 100%, true blue, control freak. Therefore, it's just always been easier to live on my own. Until David and the kids came into my life. And for the first time ever, I feel like I can share my space with others (with some ground rules set). I cannot just let chaos come into my life, as it may put me into an early grave. However, with some ground rules set, I think we will all be just fine.

Might I also add that I don't have children of my own. And I'm now getting 4! So, this in itself is a growing and learning experience. There is a ton I don't know about raising kids. There is a lot that I think I'm already pretty darn good at. I think it's just finding that balance. And I know (as hard as it is going to be) that there are some things I'm just going to have to let go and get over... because they are in fact, kids.

So, to help facilitate this moving process for everyone - and for me to keep some sanity - D and I are setting some 'House Rules' to go over with the kids upon officially moving in. I'm going to share some of the ones that are important to me here and you can tell me if I'm crazy or not. No, really - I would like honest opinions. If something is not feasible I need to hear, "Amanda, that's just crazy." And on the flip side, important things I might be leaving out because I don't really know they are important!

So, here goes....

  • Homework will be done every weeknight at 7 p.m. as a family, at the dining room table
  • From the hours of 8 to 10 p.m. this will be 'quiet time' which will include doing what you would like in your room or family time of some sort
  • There will be no food taken to your bedroom. Food must be eaten in the dining room/kitchen location
  • At the end of each day, if it's yours, pick it up and put it where it goes
  • You are responsible for your laundry - you don't do it, you don't have clean clothes to wear
  • Dinner will be cooked for you. You can try everything that is being served. If you taste it and don't like it, you don't have to eat it. But we will all try new things.
  • You are allowed a maximum of 3 snacks a day. One of these snacks must be a healthy choice. You can choose to eat your snacks when you see fit. When you've had 3, you're done for the remainder of the day.
  • This is not a democracy. This is the Elf House - where Dad and Amanda make the rules.
  • We will all pitch in to keep the house clean. This means doing what is asked of you without any attitude.
  • We will use manners. This means yes ma'am and no ma'am; yes sir and no sir; please and thank you and excuse me.
Okay, well looking at that list it seems really long. However, I am a firm believer in structure and organization. And without going into too much detail at this time, D has already seen a ton of improvement in the kids attitudes and manners since spending so much time here with me. So, I believe that is a true indicator that we are on the right path with our expectations here.

What are some of your house rules? I need all the help and support I get as I start this new adventure into Step Motherhood!

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~

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  1. Sounds like your off to a good start!
    When I first came into my step sons lives the table manners, self cleaning up, the please and thank you's were rarely ever (never) to be observed.... their culture or teenage boys being teenagers???
    Boys are new territory for me and x3!
    I've tried to implement my own ideas and such and hope for the best.

    I often say...
    'good manners (or insert kindness) never go out of style, so thank you very much for being so stylish'
    I have my funny things that the boys have picked up on... they are heard saying... 'how stylish of you' when someone has used their manners.
    Just when I think I have had no effect on them... there it is!