Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm irresistibly sweet - are you?

So, I was so excited yesterday when my buddy Earl let me know she had passed on The Irresistibly Sweet Blog award to me. You can find her and all her fun and fierceness over at Earl-Leigh Designs. I've gotten to know Earl though blogging and Twitter - and this girl is Fabulous (please note the capitol F).  So - a HUGE thank you girlie for passing this along! You always sweeten my days for sure!

So here is my sweet award:

Here are the rules for this sweet award:

1. Send a thank you to the person who nominated you and include their link. (look up)
2. Answer 7 random facts about yourself. (look down)
3. Pass the award on to at least 8 other bloggy pals. (look even lower)
My 7 Random Facts:
1. As Earl thinks is quite hilarious and mentioned on her blog - I was once bit by a donkey. I discuss this little bit of embarrassment here  if you missed it before.
2. I was a dancer in my previous life. I took dance, competed and taught up through my Sophomore year of college. Because of this I'm beyond obsessed with dance movies - the cheesier, the better.
3. I'm Native American. You would never guess it from looking at me, but I'm a card carrying member of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma.
4. I'm a tad OCD. Everything has a place and a position and it sometimes will absolutely drive me insane if something isn't positioned just right or is out of place (please note, this is very different than being a clean freak).
5. I got 3rd place in State in Academic Decathlon in high school for interviewing. That's right - I'm a master interviewer. You need tips - I'm your girl.
6. My all time favorite book is The Secret Garden. My mom introduced me to it when I was young and I could never tire of reading it - even as an adult (Jane Eyre is a close second).
7. I love bacon. Sometimes I will cook bacon and bacon only and make a meal of it. I'm a firm believer, bacon goes with everything.
So, now my task is to pass this lovely award along to 8 other bloggers (wow, I have to narrow it down to just 8)? Some of my favorites have been honored by other bloggers the last couple of days, so I'm going to try to share some that haven't been mentioned yet. All these ladies are blogs that I read daily and absolutely adore:
1. Beca at Tales of a Tumbleweed is one of my most favorites. I kinda have a blog crush on her! She is a pastry chef and a dog mom and is always sharing her adventures. Her newest adventure is awesome sunglasses that her and her boyfriend are making and selling. What I love most about Beca's blog is her honesty - she shares her life, good days and bad.
2. Autumn at The Pickled Poppy. She amazes me with the amount of energy and zest for life she has. She makes the cutest things to sell. Her blog is full of crafts and DIY's and the amazing projects she is working on. She really inspires me!
3. Lillian (aka Elle) at Elle the Heiress. I started reading her blog after following her on twitter. She is so witty and fun and I always love what she has to say. Her blog is no different! She is a wife and a mom and normally tells it like it is!
4. Paige at Final Clothes-Out is always offering up something fun on clothing or accessories. She has a 30 for 30 challenge going on right now that is fun to watch... and I know she had mentioned she was trying out for Project Accessory (a spin off of Project Runway). Now that takes guts!
5. One of my first blogs to follow was LeeLee at Just because by leelee. LeeLee lives in Miami and talks about everything from music to DIY to her adventures. Right now she is doing a free July sponsorship for trading or swapping - which I think is pretty rad.
6. Caiti over at Life is a Canvas is a must for me. You can find her talking about her reading challenge, what's in her lunchbox or her recent purchase for her creative tithing pledge. Caiti always gets me thinking.
7. Stop by and say hello to Erika at rougue & whimsy. Erika has been so kind to be letting me guest post over at her place here very soon. She makes and sells the cutest things on Etsy and talks a lot about the things that inspire her - which in turn, inspires me!
8. The lead lioness herself over at The Life of a Lioness. Not only is she uber talented - she is super funny. She is completely honest and holds nothing back. And reading her posts is honestly like a breath of fresh air!
Once again, a big thank you to my pal Earl for passing this sweet little award to me! And here's to many more fabulous ladies!
Lots of Love...
~Manda Jane~


  1. Thank you, lovey! You're the best!

  2. Aw, thank you for passing the award on to me! Now if only I could find the time to blog these days! Thank goodness the weekend is coming :)

  3. You're welcome again, girlie! Now down to business: 1.)Dance is my favorite art form...there's so much beauty in movement. 2.)I'll be honest and say that my mouth fell open over your third fact. LOVE it! People tend to think that certain ethnic groups have to look a particular way, and you just gave them a big ol' pfft! 3.)We may be literary sisters.

  4. love that we may be literary sisters - you can give me some good books to read! I'm always looking for something new! and yeah- nobody ever believes I'm Native American. I usually have to pull out the card and prove it to them!

  5. P.S. You're VERY welcome Beca and Caiti - you guys keep me inspired!