Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday Wishes and Cowboy Dreams

First of all, a very Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!! I'm definitely a Daddy's girl! He has always, and will always, be my hero. He is such an amazing man - he is smart, funny, dedicated, caring, supportive! He has been married to my mother for 36 years in June and the best father a girl could want for 31 years!

I always say that I've come this far and never been married because I won't settle for anyone less than someone who has the same morals, values, work ethic and idea of family as my Dad does. In my eyes, he's pretty much perfect!


My Daddy and Me (and Sullee)

In other news, it's DATE NIGHT! Every Wednesday is the day set aside for me and my honey to have our 'alone' time... kid free and just us! We don't really go on dates exactly; but it's something we both look forward to and cherish each week. It really makes you appreciate and cherish your partner that much more when you only have a few hours alone with them a week. We treasure every moment.

Tonight, on date night agenda, is something I'm totally psyched about. We will be having a movie night and watching one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES - hands down, without a doubt.... I could watch it a million times....

I knew it must be love when a song from the soundtrack came on one night and he knew exactly where it came from! Now that's a man after my heart!!

I swear, one day I will have children (or maybe some more dogs) and they will be named Bud and Sissy.

Hope everyone is having a good middle of the week!

Jimmy Buffet this weekend! Woo-hoo! So I will have lots of weekend sharing to do.

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~


  1. I love that movie! It's such a guilty pleasure of mine.

  2. Hi Valerie!! Thank you for stopping by! I know, I swear, it's one of those movies I could watch a million times - and I get so excited every time I watch at the end when Bud and Sissy walk out of the bar and get in the truck together to go home! I'm a cheeseball!

  3. You forgot to mention John Travolta's blue jeans. ;)
    But I agree, that movie never gets old and dare i say... its a "must own"!

    Psst-Sullee is really cute!