Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The winner is the Webster's!

My mom and I were just discussing on Friday how we never win anything. No giveaways, no door prizes, no raffles. I know - poor us, right? Well, if my mom didn't get a phone call on Saturday that she had won the Easter wreath she had bought 2 chances for at our local Hospice store. Mind you, I'm the one that told her to enter the giveaway (so, accordingly, I thought she should give the wreath to me), however it is now hanging on her front door. And it's quite lovely!

I must apologize for the quality of this picture - my dear mother took it with her phone and sent it to me. She is just now learning how to take and send pics with her phone!

Then, to my utter delight, I found out yesterday that I had won the giveaway over at The Pickled Poppy. And fittingly, it's this fantastic new pleated tote bag she is offering.

You can check out Autumn's shop here. She has some super cute stuff and look's like she has a bunch of really neat new stuff ready to offer this week! So, please stop by and have a look! And thanks a bunch to her for offering such a great giveaway!

I guess the Webster family can't say we never win anything anymore!!

Lots of love...

~Manda Jane~


  1. ohhhh so much winning going on in your family! congrats!!

  2. wow. thank you for stopping by elycia! what an honor!!