Sunday, April 24, 2011

Welcome to the Elf House

So, I thought it might be appropriate to introduce the Elf House. I mean, my business and my blog are named for it - so it only seems like the thing to do. Do you agree? So, welcome to the Elf House:

This is my dream home, shared by myself and my 3 small fur babies. When I say it's my dream home, I truly mean it. I had it built. So, everything from the floor plan, to the colors, the door knobs, the baseboards, the kitchen cabinets - you name it, and I picked it out by hand. This is my very first home to own and I feel blessed that, 1.) I was able to do it on my own with no help from anyone and 2.) got to customize it to make it my very own. I'm in love with my little house.

My house being referred to as an 'elf house' started out as a small family joke that just kind of stuck. When the house was first being built and nothing was up but the bones of it, I came over and was walking around. I sat down, so defeated, almost in tears. My parents asked me what was wrong and I said in exasperation, 'it's just so small. it seems as if it's made for elves - as if elves could live here.' Well,they thought that was hilarious and I was just depressed. Obviously, a house somehow, miraculously becomes quite larger as they add walls, etc.; but no matter, The Elf House had stuck.

I was lucky to find a lot on one of the oldest streets in town to build my little house. I share the street with some of the oldest homes in our town and live in a section that was once call 'Silk Stocking Row' because this was the section of town where the 'wealthy' people lived. I did my very best to build my house to fit in with it's surroundings. I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb... and I think I did pretty well. One of the things I love about my lot is this magnolia tree that sits in my front yard. It's one of the last and oldest on my block.

When the magnolias bloom they smell absolutely divine and they are so beautiful. I continue to make my little house my own. A few weekends ago I put in a new bird feeder in the front yard and cleaned out a spot to plant some wildflowers. I love to watch birds. They have finally figured out the bird feeder is there and I can watch them all from my living room now. Sometimes I will look out and there will be 5 different birds out there, all enjoying a bit.


I share the block with some beautiful old homes. My street has so much character and history. I honestly feel beyond blessed and honored that my little house gets to share the street with some of these lovelies! It's a beautiful place to get to live!

In other house news, I will be joining some of these houses on the Christmas Tour of Homes this year. I've been asked if I will share The Elf House with the community for the holidays. Of course I said yes. Decorating for Christmas is just in my blood - but more on that later on!

Hope you enjoyed a small tour of my little piece of the world!

Lots of Love...

~Manda Jane~


  1. I agree! House look soooo small before they are finished! Your house is adorable btw!

  2. thank you Ashley! i know, it's amazing how much they grow in the process!

  3. Your house is beautiful and sweet! I just wrote about how I'm longing for a house to call my own. I'd love to have something like this, especially since you have a porch :) It must have been a neat experience to build a house to your liking from the ground up!

  4. Caiti-

    I got really lucky. I live in an area of the US where it's not ridiculous to own or buy a house. The land I purchased was owned by friends of my parents - so I got a good deal on that. The house isn't huge - about 1250 square feet; but it's 3 bedroom, 2 bath and is just enough room for what I needed! It was a fantastic experience... but also a very stressful one at times too!! I really hope you find a dream home of your own!

  5. your house is awesome!! i'm jealous cos i can't wait to own a home. more tours please!

  6. thank you so much! I will have to do an inside tour next and share! i love everything about it!