Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Yep - I'm a dork...

So, I guess I'm a little slow on the uptake. Being new to the world of blogging, I've found myself making sure I keep up with and read others blogs that I enjoy. So many people out there are doing such awesome things! I'm the type of person that likes to pick something up quick... and not only that, be good at it! I always tell people, I don't like to do things I'm no good at (the exact reason I hate to go bowling)! But since taking the Indie 3.0 class and meeting so many amazing women, I've realized 1) I can't be good at everything and 2) some things do take work to be good at them -- I know, I know, amazing concept.

So all of this leads me to my discovery of the evening that has now delighted me to no end. Mind you, I'm sure any of you who have a blog (and probably those who don't) already know about all of this. But I didn't and I now feel like I've been let in on some big secret. I got on www.picknik.com this evening (due to today's lesson being creating a blog widget) and BOY HOWDY how excited am I?? I thought editing pictures was going to be this super duper hard thing and I would have to have all this fancy schmancy software -- but, for the mere beginner... this site makes my heart so happy! So, of course, the last hour has gone to just playing around with what the site can do (I did start work on 2 seperate necklaces this evening as well)... and I just want to share all my 'playing' around!

Wow! I can't wait to get out there and start taking more pictures!! I just used some older ones that I had loaded already! This opens a whole new world of possibilities for me! I keep reading how important pictures are to a blog, and I completely agree. I love looking at everyones beautiful pics - keeps things interesting and fun! But I kept wondering how I would ever get there. This is at least a start.

I know, I know, call me a dork... But I'm one super happy dork at the moment!!

Lots of love...

~Manda Jane~


  1. I also want to be good at thing immediately, otherwise I give up. Thankfully I've found some things that I could do well pretty quickly to keep me occupied. But other things like playing the guitar.... pfff. Taken lessons, classical and electrical and was even part of a Spanish guitar group for a while, but I had to except it's just not one of my talents... blegh. My brother and husband still make me jealous when they play the guitar, but I also enjoy their playing. I have other talents and they make me happy too!

    Isn't Picnik the best?!?!?!! I love it too! So when is your button up for grabs? Let's swap buttons! Besides swapping, I also want to add it to our Indie Biz Classmate button page! Let me know on Flickr when it's ready!

  2. Picnik is great! So ready for the weekend so I can get out and take some pictures! I hope to have my button up for grabs this weekend - I kinda got side tracked with Picnik and never finished my widget! But hope to do so Saturday/Sunday - will share as soon as I have.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who wants to be good at something right away - I'm learning, slowly, that some things take practice.