Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And the prize goes too...

So - first and foremost the most exciting part of my day is having my first Blog follower! So thank you to Tumbleweed! You made my whole week - and probably weekend too! I'm new to the world of blogging... so I am taking pleasure in the smallest thing!

I'm enrolled in a super fantastic class called Indie 3.0. I signed up (in thanks to my friend Monica telling me about it), purely because I thought it might help me with my newbie cupcake operation, Elf House Delights. I've done some orders here and there, but haven't really hit a stride (and haven't quit my day job), so I thought this class would give me some tips and suggestions on how to make a small, independent business work. WOW. I did not know what it really was going to turn into - which was giving me inspiration and motivation to do waaaay more than cupcakes! I make jewelry as well as a hobby and had always toyed around with the idea of an Etsy shop -- now I have so many ideas of things I want to try my hand at my list is a page long! I never put myself in the 'crafty' category, but I'm happier than I've ever been - dreaming of beads and paint and vintage jewelry. We will see what I end up being good at and what my niche might be (other than cupcakes of course), but there are no longer enough hours in the day to do everything I want! The highlight of my week is a trip to Hobby Lobby on Friday! I can't wait!

I can't end without mentioning the amount of amazing ladies there are out there - living their dream and making their own success! And how open and encouraging they are; rather it's advice on how to design your blog or the best way to package your product! I've stumbled into the most creative, interesting community and feeling so blessed by it all!

Must sign off. The dogs and boyfriend are not used to my time being taken up by such endeavors. They will get used to it.

Lots of Love

~Manda Jane~


  1. It is so good to be in the class, I just had to come visit you. Hopefull we all get to follow our passions!

  2. It is good Nicole! I'm just loving it! Thanks for stopping by!!