Wednesday, March 16, 2011

30 Days of Lists... Day 2

Day 2...

Things that I'm good at....


Thought about this off and on today - and although they may not be exciting or unique things... they are, essentially, what makes me, ME!

This is ME! Livin' Life!

I'm good at...

Managing money
Making people feel special
Being the comic relief
Shooting a gun
Talking to and listening to my Sunday School kiddos
Spending A LOT of money on purses (it's my weakness)

There are also several things that I'm good at... that may not work in my favor all the time. For example, I'm good at over analyzing, being critical, ruining a good thing and bottling everything up until it comes pouring out of me! However, I think that on the flip side, I'm also good at seeing the 'not so positive' things in myself so that I can work on them!!

** In other things, I'm really trying to learn this blogging thing. Google has become my new best friend. I'm thinking I might have to invest in a book or class to learn everything I want to! That's also something I'm good at -- when I find something that I enjoy, I go full speed ahead with it.

I've also been thinking a lot about a style makeover! I'm so inspired these days and motivated to try new things that I really want to re-vamp my wardrobe and make it, well, ME. So, I'm trying to narrow down in my mind what my 'style' is -- or what I see it being. I love Rockabilly... I love the whole Mad Men look... I enjoy some Bohemian. I just have to figure out how to mix it all together to make it work in my corporate life and everyday life. The good news is a week from Friday I'm headed to Dallas for an overnight girls trip with my mom... the perfect time to explore and find some new stuff!

This is my mom!! Isn't she cute?!

Signing off for now. Tomorrow I think I'm going to do not only my List -- but post some things I'm really loving and wanting right now as Spring and Summer approach. My 'Thursday Wish List' of sorts.

Lots of Love,

~Manda Jane~


  1. Hi Manda, love the 30 days idea, great way to get to know you (love the pic with your mum).

    Hope you're enjoying the indie biz course. I'm a little behind eeeek need to stop looking at awesome blogs and do some work.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Bec! I am loving the course... and I'm a tad behind too! I've gotten so inspired to do so much, I can't stay focused!