Thursday, March 25, 2010

i believe....

Maybe, I want to believe is more like it. I'm addicted to Monster Quest and any show that explores the unknown, mythical creatures or aliens. Really, it's a family thing. There have been nights we've had alien show marathons. I would like to think there is a Big Foot lurking out there -- undiscovered. The elusive Chupacabra - I'm just waiting for the day I see him skirt across the road at night in front of me. The Mothman... the Lizard Man... giant birds.... you name it -- I want to believe in it. Why?? I couldn't even begin to tell you why... I just like to think there are more things out there. Bigger things. Things we can't explain. Things yet to be discovered. I live in East Texas -- where every other person you meet has seen a 'black panther.' Scientists will tell you, there is no such thing. That it's like a one in a billion chance that a black panther could be born. Yet, time after time, I hear stories of people who have seen them!! Maybe scientists are wrong... maybe everyone wants to believe in something that can't be explained. So, until there is concrete evidence, I'm going to keep hoping... watching my monster shows... and keeping my eyes on the tree line -- for my turn to see something yet discovered!

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