Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Need the Goodwill Version of Stitch Fix

It's no secret I've been in somewhat of a mid-life mama fashion crisis over the last year. I feel like I went from being this really cute, stylish, skinny gal to - fast forward one year - a frumpy, mom jeans wearing, never happy with myself, Mom. To say I'm not happy with myself is an understatement. And it's crazy - because I've never really found myself in a place like this. And I have more to be grateful for than ever before. I guess it's just the vanity in me. Hey, I'm a work in progress.

But this past month I got the brilliant idea that I thought would save me from my fashion mini crisis. I kept seeing everywhere about Stitch Fix and people were raving about it. I would see Instagram posts with people exclaiming they had 'kept the whole box.' I thought, 'okay, this is worth a shot.' I truly thought it might be a good way to start building me a new wardrobe for the new me. I understand that I'm in a new place in my life and that my style is changing. And that's okay. But I want to dress to feel beautiful. I thought Stitch Fix was the perfect solution. I was so excited after I filled out my profile and hit submit. I just knew magic was going to arrive in my mailbox.

One month later my box arrived and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. Seriously guys, I was so excited! I opened the box and everything was gorgeous. I did want to keep all the pieces. They were perfect - like they had come straight off my Style Board on Pinterest. And then I looked at the pricing page - and my heart sank. Apparently I missed the disclaimer where you have to be rich to do Stitch Fix. Mind you guys, I was already $20 in - $20 I would lose if I didn't keep something. My favorite thing in the whole box was a gorgeous Aztec print cardigan - a piece I had been wanting! But it was $78. The jeans they sent - $88.

Now, for all you who 'love it so much I just kept the whole box' - kudos to you. I think it's great you can spend that kind of money on your wardrobe. But I'm a Mom with 3 teenagers at home. I barely spend money on new underwear for myself. So, to have to keep the cheapest thing in the box, which was $48 (just so I wouldn't lose the $20 I had to pay just to get the box), was hard to stomach. And I'm super disappointed in the whole process. Basically I need the Goodwill version of Stitch Fix.

Now here's the good news (or maybe it's not so good, who knows). I realized that maybe I'm just being a little vain in all of this. I mean, truly, I'm sitting here worried about designer labels and new clothes when I've been blessed with so much more than I deserve (I know, that sounds so cliche). But it's true. Really, how I'm feeling has nothing to do with my clothes (or lack there of), but more about feeling good about me. And that's what I need to be working on - me from the inside out. That doesn't mean I couldn't use some new digs to dress up the outside, but I bet I can rock it out in clothes from Old Navy just as well as $50 shirts from a Stitch Fix box.

And that friends, is my life lesson learned for the week. So, yes, Stitch Fix totally disappointed me. But I guess in the end, it made me think and re-evaluate some things. So, in that regard, it was a total win.

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