Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Girl Has Kicked a Habit (and is making changes)

I talk a lot about wanting to change my habits and my lifestyle. But it normally ends there. Me just thinking about it and talking about it – but never taking any action.
But those days are gone, my friends. I've made some big changes in my lifestyle in the past week that I'm excited to share with you. Healthy changes. Ones that are making me feel better about myself and have a much happier and positive outlook on life.
Let me say, it's very true that anytime you want to make a change, it has to be for you. That's the only way it will stick. And that's where I found myself about a week ago. Ready to get my life back on track, healthy and moving in the right direction. Not for David or the kids – but for me. Of course, it will benefit them as well, but the initial motivation had to be because I wanted it.

The first HUGE change I've made is that I've quit smoking. Some of you may not know that I smoke. I've always been a 'in the closet' smoker. But I've been doing it since high school. This is almost 15 years of destroying my body with a nasty addiction. I tried a few months ago to quit cold turkey and that just didn't work. I think I lasted a day. So this time David and I decided that maybe using the nicotine patch would help me able to kick the habit. And I'm very proud to say that I'm smoke free with no cheating and feeling very proud of myself! From what I've read, I've quit early enough that my body will be able to repair itself and hopefully I haven't done to much long term damage.

CVS Nicotine Transdermal System Patches 21 Mg Step 1 

Funny Story: David and I went to CVS to check out the options and decide the best non-smoking aid for me. We picked up the Step 1 box, which says for smokers who smoke 10 cigarettes or more a day. He said, "oh, you can start on Step 2 then." I had to seriously disappoint him and said, "babe, I've been smoking like a pack every 2 days. I'm a 10 cigarette a day smoker." Needless to say, he was shocked. Guess I've hidden it well!

Along with stopping smoking, I started a 4 week detox program. I did a good bit of research before I started this and finally decided to go with something bought. I read up on doing it myself and there was a lot of work involved. I know me and I know my schedule and it would have lasted about a day if I had to blend and grind and juice. So I went with a product by HEEL. They are oral drops that you drop into your water. You are to have 30 drops per bottle per day for 4 weeks(there are 3 seperate bottles). I do it in the morning before work, at lunch time and in the evening. It doesn't taste bad – it gives the water a little bit of a 'medicinal' flavor as David calls it. But nothing that would gag you or keep you from being able to drink it. I can't really share any major results from this yet, but I do feel as if I have a little more energy. So more to come on this in the following weeks.

The girl who never exercises is now doing some light exercising! I'm rotating walking 1.5 to 2 miles in the evening with riding bikes the same amount. It's nothing crazy. But enough to make me feel better and sleep better. Plus I got to buy some really cute new workout clothes. Nothing motivates me more than an excuse to shop!! The next step is we are going to throw going to the gym into the rotation and I might get brave enough to do a little weight lifting (still not so sure about that).
And last, but certainly not least, I'm eating better again. I used to be one of the healthiest eaters I know. And then I became a full time Mom to 4 of the pickiest eaters in the universe. And it was just easier to eat whatever it was I was making for them. But I started to tell the difference in the way I felt.

So, I still make them something kid friendly, but I'm making some healthier options for me (salads, steamed veggies, turkey, chicken breasts). And, I'm eating a real lunch every day – something I neglected before (I would grab a fiber bar or a bowl of cereal and be on my way). I'm trying to cut back on my bread and sugars – but do not feel guilty at all when I reward myself at the end of the day with a scoop of ice cream or some candy. I mean, we can't take out all the fun can we?!

I consider this a very acceptable treat for doing well.

Top this all off with daily vitamins and herbal supplements (to help with my headaches). I've gone from 2 Red Bulls a day to none. And limited my soda intake to a few a week. And guess what?? I feel better. I truly and honestly am feeling healthier, stronger, happier and more alive! So, I'm keeping it up. Setting an example for my family that hopefully will encourage them to get serious about being healthier. But most importantly, I'm doing it for me!

I plan to keep everyone updated periodically with how things are going. Maybe share some recipes or tips and tricks to stay motivated. Please understand, I'm not doing this to lose weight or anything drastic. I'm simply doing this to be healthier and to enhance my overall well being.
What have you ever done to change your lifestyle? Are you doing anything similar currently?


  1. Manda I think this is SO awesome!!! Keep up all the hard work and stick with it! (and congrats on the quitting smoking - been there, done that! it was rough but i feel so much better about myself now than I did when I smoked!!)

  2. That's great! Way to go :)
    and I'm loving the new blog design!

  3. You know I'm right there with you, trying to get healthier for me. I'm having more struggles because of my picky eating habits, but trying really hard to break them (when I am brave enough to try something new).

    You are definitely inspiring me to work harder at it!

  4. Good for you! I hope it goes smoothly for you!

  5. That is so wonderful that you have quite smoking! I wish you all the success with it!

  6. Congrats!!! It is so awesome! I am almost there, but it truly is one of those things, that you have to do for yourself, when you are ready. I have severely cut back on my smoking... (Which I was in the pack every 2 day club also!) I have let go of soda, and am trying to work out juice, (lets be honest here, its hard when I am giving the kids apple juice to not have some also!) But i have noticed a little difference, but a difference enough to keep me taking baby steps! :) Congrats on your changes, and keep the updates coming!

  7. You can do it! I stopped smoking on March 19th - it gets easier everyday. Pidg told me to think that everyday I don't smoke, I get a cool point. So just think of all the cool points you have now?!

  8. I'm a closet smoker, too. At least on my blog and such. I'm very green otherwise, but when it comes to my body I abuse it and I feel like it makes me a hypocrite. I will buy patches and do the detox one day, but for now I'll just wish I made better choices.

  9. Congratulations on your quit :) I quit nearly 5 days ago and the withdrawal symptoms still don't seem to be getting better but knowing how much money I've saved is driving me on lol x

  10. Yahoo! You are making some fantastic changes in your life lady. Its all about the small steps and doing what you can to live a long and healthy life. =)

    Also, don't be afraid to lift weights. You won't get bulky...unless you start taking steroids. ;)