Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thought for Thursday {Let It Go}

If you saw this post from yesterday, you know I've been in a slump or sorts. Unmotivated and unhappy and just overall harboring a lot of negative feelings. Not any one thing brought this on and no one thing is going to fix it - except me kicking my own butt. And getting said butt back in gear.

The truth is, I have so much to be thankful and grateful for. Honestly, I couldn't ask for a much better life. So, why do I still find myself in these cycles of negativity and unhappiness? Well, the easy answer would be that I've been like this my whole life. But that doesn't mean that I can't make a conscious effort to right myself when I see these moods coming on. Instead of sitting and wallowing in it, I can fight it with an arsenal of positive tools I have and not let this thing get me so far down!

Because when I'm down, I'm no good to anyone if my life. I'm a horrible partner to David. I'm a checked out mamma to the kiddos. I neglect my blog and all my fantastic friends here. I neglect myself and being able to feel fabulous and embrace all that God has given me.

So, I'm saying it out loud: "I'm going to let it go." Everything that has been pent up and built up over the last few weeks, I'm exhaling and letting it go. The small things that have no huge impact on my life or happiness, guess what? I'm letting it go. This image in my head of how everything is supposed to be, that gets me down when it's not like that - letting it go. All the resentment and frustration and anger that has been bubbling up inside and festering - letting that go too.

Maybe when I start to let go of some of the small stuff that I've been letting eat me up inside, that will make room for all the amazing blessings I should be counting daily. My heart will have room to acknowledge the positive and let that shine. I will have a starting place to work harder at being the best Me that I can be - and know that I will never be perfect, but I am a work in progress. And I can always work on being a better me.

What is it that you need to let go?

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  1. Letting go is hard but so freeing at the same time. I know how you feel. I had a day this week that I was in a funk. Getting down because I kept looking at things that weren't going right instead of all that is going right. Thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts and prayers. you can do it!!

  2. Its tough to let go. But once you get the hang of it - it works wonders and is so amazing for the heart & soul <3 Praying helps a whole lot, too!
    Thanks for the linkup! ox

  3. You can get through this. Letting go takes work, but you have the desire to do so and a support system. Sending prayers and hugs your way.