Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm Getting Married Monday

Well, I promised you a second installment of engagement pictures. Hope you're not tired of looking at us yet! If you missed the tea party shoot, you can go back and check those pictures out here.

Our second shoot we decided to go with a baseball theme. Now, I wasn't a baseball fan prior to David coming into my life. I thought it might be the most boring sport ever invented. I've since changed my mind and I'm a baseball fan! Baseball (and softball) is a huge part of our life - we have 3 ball players and spend most weekends at some ballpark somewhere in East Texas. So, it seemed fitting that we incorporated that part of lives into our pictures.

But enough chattering, you are here to see pictures. So enjoy!

Hope you loved them as much as us! Everyone have a fantastic Monday and a great week! See you back here tomorrow with some peeks into our 1 year anniversary getaway!