Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Thought for Thursday {A Bad Day}

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Well, I apologize for this Thought for Thursday going up so late. The quote above is a perfect saying for this week. I haven't had just one bad day, but have been having a bad day since Monday! It's really easy when things don't go as planned to start to doubt - doubt the decisions we've made, our priorities, our focus. For me, one bad day can honestly throw off my entire month. Make it 3 bad days in a row and I may never get back on track! I'm guilty of letting a bad day set the tone for my week, how I interact with the Mister and kiddos and even the fur babies at times! And I know, this is not okay. One bad day, is not the end of the world! And I have to keep in mind, like it states above, that one bad day doesn't mean I have a bad life. Because, truly, I have a wonderful life and I'm beyond blessed.

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So, now it's your turn! What are you thinking on this Thursday?? Link up!


  1. That's right...bad days come and go:/ it just sucks when they stick around...xoxo's to you

  2. Hey, aww sorry to hear you have been having a bad week :( my week didn’t get off to the best start either.... Hope the weekend brings some much needed goodness sending you big hugs and love....
    Claire xox

  3. Hey! I am sorry to hear about your bad days! :0

    I guess it's the really bad one's that make us remember the great ones! :)

  4. Hope tomorrow is much better. Just remember a new day means a new beginning...