Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Art of Organization {Craft Rooms}

Hi, lovely Elf House readers, I am so excited to be guest posting here on lovely Amanda’s blog.

I am Claire, I blog over at Polkadot-Pretties, where i talk about my journey through motherhood, crafts, sewing, starting a business and pretty things along the way. Stop by and say 'Hi', I love to meet new friends.

So the focus for my guest post is Craft Room Organisation...

I am lucky enough to have a room in my home, for all my sewing and crafting projects, {it’s my favourite room}.

For me it’s really important to have things organised,especially when starting new projects.

Here are my top 5 tips for creating a space that works.....

     1. Storage ~ store your materials/fabric by colour, that way it makes it easy to visualise projects  and helps you keep track of what you have. Having a place for everything will reduce the time you spend looking for things and more time creating.

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     2.  Easy access to the essentials you use most ~ I have a small fabric basket on my sewing table, with the things I use the most, like,small scissors, pen, labels, small rubber stamp and ribbon. Having these things on hand make projects quicker and less stressful.

     3.  Folders ~ I use different coloured folders to store different project ideas and patterns.

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     4.  A bi-monthly sort out ~ Every other month I try to sort through my fabrics,especially as my taste in fabrics and colours has changed over the last year {don’t throw them away, sell them as fabric bundles}.

     5.  Tidy up ~ After you have finished your projects,spend some time tidying up. Having a clean workspace to start the next day will make you motivated to get started on your next project.

My craft room at home

I hope you find these tips useful!

Thank you to Amanda for having me

Claire xox

Thank you Claire! These are some wonderful tips for getting our craft rooms organized! Make sure you stay tuned next week for the next guest post in the organization series from Ashley at After Nine to Five.


  1. Those are some great tips! I love that wire shelving for keeping like-coloured-items together.

  2. Great tips! I'm going to be off for about two weeks and plan on organizing my sewing area. This post was right on time!